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Up & up & up

Aug 27, 2009 - 0 comments












My weight just slowly keeps going up and up and up. Looking at my chart doesnt make me feel good anymore. When I was losing it was nice... I almost want to just start over, but then I wont see what Ive really done... I dont know. Maybe I'll just extend my date to Christmas or something. I guess that might work cuz I'm almost half way to my goal date and I'm gaining instead of losing, and I have a ton to lose. I guess that will have to do...

I still havent heard bak about my thyroid. My stress level is also going up and up and up. I havent heard from the people who are supposed to be giving me money either. Stress is horrible. I cant even remember a time when I was stressed out since I left high school, even then I was stressed majority of the time. It would be really nice to be less stressed and less depressed about everything.... One day... Hopefully...

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