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The beginning

Aug 12, 2014 - 0 comments

So I write this entry today because I feel the need to acknowledge something's going on.
We are slowly approaching on a month of being sober. Although the wounds are still visible, they are healing. The problem didn't develop over night and it will not get better over night.

It's almost hard to see and believe that there was a problem. I pray that this is the beginning of our end. The beginning of the end of this terrible addiction.

I feel accomplished thus far. Proud that I stuck this out. But sad that I've had to go through this. This is my appreciation. The beginning of my realization of appreciation. This forum helped me when there was no one to talk to and no one to turn to.

This can be the beginning of life, and the end to an addiction. Let's pray this sticks, I have all the hope in the world, because now I can say that I've come though this this far. Hell has frozen over and in beginning to get back to normal. It's ****** up to see that life hasn't stopped moving forward, time hasn't stopped moving forward and I think that's that hardest thinng to reflect on. The fact that those wounds and scars are so apparent now that it's a constant reminder of what happens, not so long ago. It's hard to keep hope when you realize how much of the addiction took up your life money and time, and to now work for it all back.

I can work my *** off and take care of myself but I pray addiction never resurface again.

Thanks to all those supporters and opinions out there. I may have saved his life, but you saved mine.

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