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Carbohydrate intolerance?

May 25, 2008 - 6 comments

carbohydrate intolerance


sugar intolerance


Numbness and tingling


muscle weakness


gluten intolerance

Hello, I've been having a lot of symptoms for the past 6 months. At first I was having diabetic symptoms like increased thirst and urination, dizzy after eating. I've also experienced migraines since I was 10, but they started happening behind my eyes. Then I discovered it was worse after eating sugar. So I had an oral glucose tolerance test done in January. My blood sugar was a little high, but not diabetic (around 130). My doc said I was borderline diabetic and to eat small meals low in carbs high in protein. I did this and also cut out all refined sugars and carbs. I can't even eat high sugar fruits, I mainly just have berries. When cutting out sugar I wasn't thirsty all the time, and I was less dizzy. But starting in March I began to have other symptoms.
Now I have numbness/tingling in my hands and feet. It started in my right hand, then right foot, now both hands and feet. Although it's mainly in right foot almost all the time. I've also had tingling in my mouth/ tongue. I also feel like I'm getting weaker every day. My arm and leg muscles feel like jello, and it's made worse by heat and exercise. I've also been experiencing mild eye pain and facial pain. I just recently had a blood test to test for B12 deficiency and had a full metabolic and thyroid panel. Everything was normal.
Occasionally I get stomach pains after eating. I think it happens when I eat sugar or high fiber carbs (like oatmeal or whole grain cereals). I also get a lot of bloating, especially after consuming sugar, and I get constipated occasionally. I've tried eating less wheat products, and tried to go on a gluten free diet for 2 weeks (although I'm not sure if it was completely gluten free). No dietary changes have seemed to help with the numbness/ tingling and weakness. But I really think my body has difficulty processing carbs. I'm thinking it still could be a carbohydrate intolerance, or Magnesium deficiency, or an autoimmune disease like MS. Sorry this is so long, but any advice anyone has would help a lot!

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by kay1963, Jun 11, 2008
I have a similar condition I feel bloated and my muscles feel fatigued after a heavy carb meal. I am diabetic so I dont know if this is connected . The really strange part is that it is usually the muscles in my shoulders, neck and arms that are affected. Usually lasts an hour or so and then settles down.

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by Penny1124, Aug 28, 2008
I too have all of these conditions! My muscles are affected as well. I feel very bloated and I believe it has to do with sugar as well. I had food allergy testing done and no allergies appeared. I would love more advice on this.

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by britt577, May 08, 2009
You may be allergic to wheat. Try the Gluten free diet and be careful what you cook your foods in. I found that I am allergic to sunflower oil which is found in vegetable oil. It was my tongue to go numb and tingling in my fingers. Elizabeth Hasselback from the view has a new book out on the Gluten Free diet.

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by pulsatingthought, Aug 09, 2009
Try also to see an Internal Med doc as you could have proteinuria. Since protein decreases the insulin spike, its possible this could cause your glucose to go up. Check out everything though when you go.

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by amy7771, Mar 24, 2012
Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

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by SimoneA, Jan 07, 2016
Hi. I am new to this podium.  I just developed tingling in my hands and feet after eating sugar and carbs.  I saw my PCP and he has never heard about this before.  My A1C and B12 results are normal.  Could this be a carb intolerance?  It's strange that the doctors have never heard of my complaint.  

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