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Freedom Is Never Free!!!

May 25, 2008 - 3 comments

They tell me
'Freedom is never free.'
I know that-
More than most realize.
Freedom cost us more
Than we should have to give.
Freedom cost us blood.
It cost us the lives
Of our fathers,
Our sons,
Our brothers.
But while freedom is never free,
It has been bought at great price,
And so is a thing of great value.
We must defend it,
From those who would take it away.
The defense of our freedoms
Will cost us-
More than we wish to pay.
But we must pay, to defend,
For if we try to make freedom free,
We forget-
True freedom is never free.

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by lonewolf07, May 26, 2008
"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."  -  G. Lightfoot in "Me and Bobby McGee"

I like yours better  = )

How are you?


366811 tn?1217422672
by JSGeare, Jun 04, 2008
Freedom, alas, is not something we are ever given.

It is, rather, something we reach out and take.

Else we have no freedom at all.

-JS Geare

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by Bon-Bon, Nov 08, 2008
My only child (son) is in the Marines so is his wife and brother-in-law.  I appreciated reading "Freedom is Never Free".    

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