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I'm pregnant!

Aug 14, 2014 - 4 comments

A few years back, I commented that I was going to try to get pregnant. I got off of all the drugs that weren't safe during pregnancy. This included my Baclofen and the MS drug I was taking, Betaseron.

Then I got very busy, and several things happened in a year. I had an appendectomy. Then I had gall bladder surgery. Then I had a thyroidectomy! So I'm sans gall bladder, appendix, and thyroid.

With all the health issues out of the way, my body was in much better shape, and I became pregnant in May.

I had a blood clot in 2010. Well, I had done some research and visited a hematologist (before all the organ removals) and we did some testing, but was never able to find out why. All we knew is that I tested positive for the Russell anti-venom viper test. We decided that if I were to become pregnant, I would need to be on heparin. So I notified the hematologist that I was pregnant, and she ran me through all the testing again. Turns out I am a heterozygous carrier for Factor V Leiden, which means that one of my parents carries the gene. It's a weird mutation that's hard to explain - essentially my blood will clot more than the usual person.

So as soon as we found that out, I went on heparin. I take 10,000 units twice a day.

Other than that (and the awful constipation I mentioned in another thread) I've been very happy and healthy. They always say that being pregnant while having MS is wonderful, because there's no relapses. Well, I haven't had a relapse since my diagnosis - the main problem was that I had so much neurological damage that it took a long time to heal. I wasn't healthy enough to raise a child back when I was young enough. I'm 43 now. I'm chock full of estrogen, and I feel the best I've felt in years. I was feeling pretty good before I got pregnant, but I think I'm now at the top of my game. So estrogen apparently helps your brain work better, as well as preventing relapses.

So now the two objectives are to grow a healthy baby, and prevent a relapse when I give birth.

The high-risk doctor and my MS doctor think that an IV steroid will help prevent a relapse, if administered right after giving birth. I plan on breastfeeding, which should also help with estrogen levels, but I don't know if that's compatible with heparin - which I'll need to be on to prevent clotting because of the estrogen.

I'm at 16 weeks right now. I should have another ultrasound tomorrow morning, and we'll see how things are going in there. I don't feel pregnant, even though I'm showing just a little. So far they think the baby's due either at the end of January, or the beginning of February.

This is another new and strange adventure that I've started on. I figure it couldn't be any worse than anything else I've already done, and it's just another mountain to climb.

The picture here is from my 13 week ultrasound. Hard to tell what's going on - I count a head and four lumps. Looks like a teddy bear to me.

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428506 tn?1296557399
by wonko, Aug 15, 2014
Congratulations!  I don't have MS but also had to wait for health reasons to have my little one (and get fertility treatments, ultimately IVF/ICSI).  She turned 10 weeks yesterday.  Knowing how much you wanted your baby will bring you such a wonderful feeling when you finally get to hold them in your arms.  All the best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy!

572651 tn?1530999357
by Lulu54, Aug 16, 2014
i am so happy to see wonko found your journal here - her baby is beautiful and I'm sure yours will be, too.

5538989 tn?1514398453
by cubbiesfan918, Aug 17, 2014
Jen,  congratulations. All  off the cliches  of motherhood are true.  You realize it  all as it happens. Im  elated to see your news!

Best Wishes,

PS Having a  high risk Dr  isn't a bad  thing at all. You  will get tons of pictures &  constant updates. I  was HR  due  to my MS  probability.  Wishing you  safe &  happy times!

338416 tn?1420045702
by jensequitur, Aug 21, 2014
Thanks, guys - so far, so good! Keep your fingers crossed.

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