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Riba Script - 08/26/09

Aug 29, 2009 - 0 comments

Got a call from the pharmacist regarding the Ribapak script.  Apparently, the vendor has raised the $ by $400.00 and he cannot find another vendor that will offer it.  His contract with my insurance will not pay the extra $400.  So, in the meantime I'm running out of "blue" pills.  I called in the script 2 wks ago to allow for any problems.  There are always problems with something.  So, here I was on the phone, calling other pharmacies.  My Dr. office calling also reps to try to get a supply.  

I found one, so my script was transferred to another pharmacy.  Of course, after the transfer was complete, I got a call saying they couldn't deliver.  Ahhhhhhhhh, finally, got it from another specialty pharmacy.  Only took 2 days.  A record, I'm sure.

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