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bringing home baby (my list)

Aug 16, 2014 - 1 comments

what you'll need for baby:
-Pacifiers (sizes newborn through 12 months)
-bibs (sizes infant to toddler)
-baby medicine ( gripe water, saline drops, Tylenol for infants, cough syrup for infants etc)
-nursing pillow
-nursing pads
-milk storage bags (if you are breast feeding and pumping)
-breast pump
-bottles ( a few 4 oz bottles, then a couple of larger sizes)
-baby swing (life saver for when baby wont sleep)
-cradle/ bassinet/ crib
-baby bedding (they can not have pillows and large blankets with them while they sleep, also look into mesh bumpers or airflow bumpers for your babies bed)
-infant/baby towels
-baby wash cloths
-baby bath tub
-baby shampoo
-baby head to toe wash
-baby lotion
-baby oil
-changing pad
-changing table (optional)
- diapers (sizes new born through size 2, you need newborn size until the umbilical cord falls off, size one will rub the cord )
-wipes (buy in bulk, you will use around 12+ a day)
-wipey warmer (if you live somewhere cold like me where it snows 9 months out of 12, if not then this will be useless)
-humidifier (helps baby sleep better bc they will be able to breathe better, and you will also need this when baby is sick and congested)
-portable heater (for bathroom while bathing baby, again this is if you live somewhere cold)
-car seat
-baby powder
-diaper rash cream
-ear thermometer (when baby is sick and crying you'll need to take temperature through the ear bc a thermometer wont stay in if they are crying)
-grooming set (mucus sucker, nail clippers, comb etc, very helpful for on the go)
-receiving blankets
-thicker blankets/swaddle blankets
-burp cloths
-scratch mittens
-socks (sizes new born through 12 months, they will outgrow them terribly fast)
-pack n play
-rocking chair (optional, awesome for late night breast feeding and soothing baby)
-white noise machine (helps newborns sleep better and longer also optional)
-diaper bag
-sleepers (newborn through size 12)
-sleep sacks (since the are unable to have blankets in the beginning)
- tons of oneseys (size new born though size 12 months)
-baby sling (to carry baby on your chest or back)
-baby sunscreen
-high chair

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by miracle_mommy2014, Sep 05, 2014
i screen shotted all of your too!!! so helpful!!! :)

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