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Praise God

Aug 30, 2009 - 1 comments








Well...God has been good.  (as always)  As most of you know I have had to deal with some nerve damage in my leg that caused limited movement and use.  I have been doing exercises all day long sometimes and praying twice as much.  Anyway today for the first time I could straighten my lower leg almost completely out.  When I had come home from the hospital I could not even lift my leg unless I used my hands.  I  called it my floppy leg as when I lifted it up and let go it would flop whereever it wanted to.  Well when laying down I can lift it straight up which is nothing new but this am I was able to lower it slowly and not have it flop down.  I know you guys must think I am loco but trust me when in any position of less then 100 percent fuctional one starts to appreciate all the little improvements that are often so far between.  Thank you for letting me share all the frustrations and ups and downs I have had the last few months.  Still have alot more to do but in God's time not mine.  stubby

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by boldsojah4christ, Aug 30, 2009
Amen stubby! Awesome testimony! God is still healing all we have 2 do is have faith & keep praying! I'm glad that you take a stand ; Christ! It goes 2 show how much you put ur trust n him! Bs4c:

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