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Aug 31, 2009 - 0 comments

Temp was taken at 7:50am. Very strong cramping today...feeling lots of pressure in my hips. Took a few tests today (couldnt resist :P) one was dollar store, another was from FRER, and the other was Rexall pharmacy brand. they all came back with VVVVVVERY light lines so light that im sure i would be the only one to see them...except my son saw them but i think he was just hoping they were there just like me haha. The Rexall was the strongest out of the 3 and was no second guessing in that test whether a line was there or not. If i am pregnant, i will assume implantation started yesterday as there are very tiny lines and yesterday was when i started to get pretty strong cramping...tho it could have been the day before. bbs are still not even the slightest bit sore tho they are feeling heavy.

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