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Is 3.7 years old the crazy age or is single motherhood getting to me???

Aug 18, 2014 - 3 comments

Crunch time is here and Matthew starts jr kindergarten In two weeks. Everytime I try avoiding a nap he has the tantrum gallore. The kind of screaming people can hear two roads down :( I know heis exhausted by 4 pm but I'm not sure what to do. They will be in school 9-3:50pm. And probably longer when I go back to work....I will have to put him in a before and after school program.  My parents can't handle tantrums as I've tested it out these couple of here I'm stuck trying to figure this all out on my own once again...sigh...
Timeouts dont work reasoning talking ignoring...hmmm tried it all...I really hope this is a stage and not a foreshadow of what I'm in for the next year!!!! My but seriously can anyone relate? Maybe I'm stressed out buying his uniforms, stressing what I'm going to pack for lunches (fussy eater here too) but these sudden crazy tantrums are enough to drive anyone mad. I'm assuming he is exhausted but he's not getting used to it. Is this normal???

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1191262 tn?1366766621
by enolia, Aug 19, 2014
HI Melissa! Glad to hear Matthew is going to kindergarden! He is getting a big boy :)
I know exactly what you are talking about when you mention thekind of screaming people can hear two roads down :(
My son is the same, but I notice something, the more I am relaxed and open, the more he gets calm...And the more I try to calm him down, the worst it gets, someone told me one day to let them get their tantrums and not get trapped or avoid the tantrums by being proactive in preventing bordom or tiredness, hunger, etc. And another thing, you have to show your limits too, we should not allow them to scream, or they should get timeouts on a consistent basis, when our little ones feel we are too flexible or weakening under their screaming, they feel more powerful and they just keep using that to get what they want, whether it is attention or anything else.

Be optimistic because educators know how to deal with our kind of boys and he will adjust real quick (one week maybe), the positive I see is that you will have more time for yourself, be strong, you've got the power not Mathew, that's what he needs to feel, otherwise he will keep testing your limits and challending you...

Good luck and hope you are doing alright :)

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by Melissa_71, Aug 19, 2014
Hi Enolia! Hope you are doing well!
This is a crazy ,exciting ,overwhelming time! I spoke to a few moms today in my neighbourhood and they said it takes time to adjust to the full days, no I'll have a grumpy child for a bit :(  one suggested having a snack ready right after school and then letting them relax....problem is I don't want him napping after 4 or we will be up late.
Less than two weeks away and the new chapter starts.

How's your little man doing? :)

1191262 tn?1366766621
by enolia, Aug 19, 2014
He is doing great! still having his tantrums too and still at daycare, he won't go to school until he is 5 and 9 months, here in Quebec, you have to be over 5 to get to school and I am fine with that, I don't mind keeping him longer :)
It is a big adjustment for sure but there are lots of tools online and it is positive for him as he will learn to be with friends and learn things, that is important for him.

Take it easy, I understand though that it is hard... I would be so much worried on his first day but you will find his beat and adjust to it.

Take care.

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