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Here I am at 11dpo

Sep 01, 2009 - 3 comments

Even though I was so excited in my last journal entry I feel like I am not lucky enough to get a bfp. Yesterday I broke down and took a test from the dollar store, it was negative. I know that 10 dpo is kind of early to test but I feel like the results aren't going to change! I hate being this impatient! If I test tomorrow I wonder if it would be better off buying an early preg test than to use a dollar store one. Oh well I think I'll know by the end of this week.

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by DMarie919, Sep 01, 2009
Aw...I am sorry about the probably was a little early to tell.  I always spring for the FRER's (First Response Early Result) just so I dont get my hopes up that a bfn can really turn into a bfp...LOL.  They haven't failed me yet....usually when I get a bfn with those I know it really is....I have learned over the past few months that my heart just breaks to take tests and get bfns...and I usually chicken out trying to test, I usually tell myself I'm going to wait until like 16dpo!!  Then if I haven't gotten AF by then I will test...of course...there was a month i had a 39 day cycle so that was kinda crazy....I wish you the best and I hope it was just too early...wait until like at least 14dpo and try again! :)

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by LiLinz, Sep 02, 2009
Ok I'll take your advise :) I just feel like I did everything right this month. But hey it could just be too early after my m/c and maybemy body is not ready yet. I'm just glad now I know how to track my o-day and I still have half a bottle of pre seed for next month :) good luck to you girly :)

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by DMarie919, Sep 03, 2009
I know how frustrating it is to feel like you've done your best and still AF shows....It's a shame that it just doesn't work that easily.  NO matter how hard I plan and chart and figure each is utimately up to chance and God.  I keep analyzing my past cycles wondering how the heck I am not pg. just doesn't make sense....I wish I could wave a wand and make us all pg.  I hope you get your positive this weekend!  :)  I have almost 2 weeks to wait....shoot me now....

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