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Morning Sickness???

May 27, 2008 - 2 comments

I have felt extremely nauseous this AM and had to eat a bowl of cereal and a bagel before it stopped.  I hope this isn't a bad sign for GD.  I have that test on Friday.  I didn't take the Kamut yesterday or today.  Only b/c I drank some spirulina that actually made my belly all gurgly and gave me stinky bunnies.  My dh said, no green stuff for a whole day!!  I will go back to it once I get home.  I just couldn't stomach it this AM w/ feeling so sick.  Isn't that weird for 7mths prego?

Greyson Ty
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by Suzie3471, May 27, 2008
No, the morning sickness is not so odd at 7 months. I'm new here, and came across your posting, oddly. =) I'm not pregnant...and it's been about 10 years since I was. But, during all three pregnancies, I suffered with horrible morning sickness. So, I feel your pain. It's unpleasant, and there's not a whole lot you can do for it. I was often told, that morning sickness is healthy... that it's a sign your hormone levels (pregnancy ones?) are high, that's what causes you to feel sick, in the morning, tho it can happen at any time! I was sick all three pregnancies, the entire time...and even while I was in labor. All three were healthy, and there was no complications... even tho I was told my babies would be small. I lost 30 pounds with my first son...and he was born weighing 7 lb. 14 oz! My second son was three weeks early...they even attempted to stop my labor, as they were concerned about size (I had lost almost 20 lb)... he was 8 lb. 6 oz, three weeks early. My daugher (third pregancy), was the biggest, at 9 lb, 6 0z., at a week early. =) (I only lost 10 pounds with her).

There were a few things that helped me... nibbling on saltines, as soon as you sit up in bed (before moving)... a few ounces of ice cold pepsi (or coke), as well... brings your sugar levels up... plus it calms the stomach. Don't let yourself get really insatiably hungry... doing so, would set off my morning sickness, at anytime during the day. I recall having to pull over, whilst driving, to puke on the side of the road. And I learned to stay away from smells, that would trigger nausea.

I'm curious... what is Spirulina? And I hope you are feeling better by now. =)

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by jifnif, May 27, 2008
Thanks for the post.  Spirulina is a supplement that is truly an algae but offers you betacarotene, B12, iron, chlorphyll, rna, dna and gla.  It can have a tendency to go through you.  I drink it in a smoothie sometimes.  I hate to say you were lucky when you were pregnant, but losing weight!!  I would have loved too!!!  I gained 30lbs already and i have 2mths to go..  the only way my nausea goes away is when i eat so i eat in rounds.  like every 2hrs.  healthy food or not doesnt matter, i still pack on the pounds.  :)

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