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What are you Really eating? The Food Journal

May 27, 2008 - 36 comments

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As you may have noticed by now, the focus of this forum is cardiovascular disease(CVD) prevention. The statistics speak for themselves. CVD is the leading cause of death in the US and worldwide. Although we have made substantial progress in the development of medications to combat the causes of CVD like high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes; the rapid proliferation of these diseases virtually negates and medical benefit. In other words, we are treating the consequences, not the cause. It's like mopping up around an over flowing sink basin and forgetting to turn off the faucet

Aside from uncommon genetic disorders, diet is by far the most important factor leading to the development of Diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. CVD is virtually unheard of in individuals with total cholesterol < 150 and strict vegetarians have 80% less chance of developing heart attack or stroke.

In my upcoming book, I describe various "regression diets" which have actually been scientifically proven to cause atheroclerotic plaque to diminish in some patients. I can't emphasize enough that without saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet, you will not develop elevated cholesterol and CVD

I think that most people significantly underestimate the amount of fat they eat each day. The key to accurately determining this is keep a food journal for one week. Write down every thin that you ingest and document the total fat, saturated fat, trans fats and calories. Most Americans eat around 100 gms of fat/ day. The most common EXCUSE for not doing this is that it's too much work. If twenty extra minutes per day for one week is too much effort to avoid stroke or heart attack; I would suggest that maybe avoiding those things isn't really that important to you. I have attached a website with a table of total fat, saturated fat and calorie content


I would like to get some feedback on what people discover about their fat intake

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187666 tn?1331176945
by ireneo, May 27, 2008
There are some folks that still believe eating fat isn't the issue but they're entitled to their opinion I suppose.

Because my gall bladder tends to be a brat when I eat fatty food, I have a built-in governor on my fat intake. Plus I'm not all that fond of meat. And my cholesterol tests always come out great. Even at my last checkup my doctor didn't add a cholesterol check to my blood work because mine's been so good. That made me a bit nervous but she's more confident about it than I am.

I'm with you - that we tend to abuse our bodies and then want that magic pill to fix it after the fact.

I know you're probably not supposed to promote yourself but your book sounds interesting. I've often wondered if there was a way to turn back the clock where plaque is concerned. Some folks have even asked that question on the board. Are you allowed to mention the title of your book? I don't see it in your message.

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by e.r.boy, May 27, 2008
Dr Kirksey,

There are proponents of the theory that it is not fat that causes CVD, but the blood sugar levels that bounce up and down due to the typical North American diet. There are also lots of studies that show a very low carb diet (<20grams/day) improves all your blood lipid numbers including tryglicerides to levels that according to modern knowledge will also prevent heart disease. Some of these studies even had the subjects consume quite a bit of saturated fat. Your body makes 80% of its cholesterol and your diet adds the other 20%.   My brother ate a very low saturated fat diet and was on Lipitor for a decade. His total chol. numbers were < 150   and he died with severe multi focal CAD. As a doctor like yourself, I would be careful making general statements like the one that ended "you will not develop elevated cholesterol and CVD"  You know there are a multitude of other risk factors that can cause CAD. There is no magic bullet.

195469 tn?1388326488
by Heather3418, May 27, 2008
Dear Dr. Kirksey,

"E.R. boy" makes an excellent point.  My father ate little to no fat in his diet (leaves and twigs as he called them) but yet had total cholesterol numbers over 250 to 300.  Diet of course, does play a tremendous role, but the addition of cholesterol lowering drugs may be a necessity, to get those numbers under 150.

Doctor, how low is too low, when considering ones overall cholesterol numbers?  Is there such a thing as too low?  Mine is 106, with proper diet, exercise and the addition of Zocor.  

Thank you for your contribution to MedHelp.  It IS appreciated.

Best Wishes,

469720 tn?1388149949
by Lee Kirksey, MDBlank, May 27, 2008
I stand by my comment that for the vast majority of Americans who do not have a genetic or familial disorder of cholesterol metabolism, 60% of whom are overweight today, a diet low in saturated fat will lower their risk of developing CVD. Your suggestion that one can consume all of the saturated fat that you desire, eat only low carbs and not develop CVD is inaccurate. The utility of the Atkins diet has been repeatedly debunked. As I stated, diet is at the root of the epidemic of diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol. These common medical conditions rarely develop in complete isolation. Your consistent contrarian opinions about obvious medical facts only serve to divert attention from basic facts. Our American diet is at the root of a number of diseases and until people accept this basic principle, eating habits are unlikely to change and the incidence of CVD will continue to increase.

469720 tn?1388149949
by Lee Kirksey, MDBlank, May 27, 2008
I agree 100% that medications are not "bad" when used as a compliment to behavior modifications on diet and exercise. The goal cholesterol level is constantly changing as science evolves with an LDL of <100 or even <70 recommended in individuals with two CVD risk factors including family history. Good luck and keep of the hard work

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by e.r.boy, May 27, 2008
Dr Kirksey,

You are absolutely correct that our diet is causing CVD. What I'm saying is the jury is still out on what is bad and what is good ( and what is sustainable). I do not support the Atkins principle because it goes to the other extreme. I believe in more of a "caveman diet"  which includes unprocessed protein and carbs coming from fruits and vegetables. Agriculture and the grains associated with it are but a blip in our history . Take it a step further and process this into simple sugars and starches and voila !  Huge rates of obesity and CVD. As for sustainability, some data has already come in that high protein, lower carb diets are more sustainable than low fat diets. People lose more weight and are happier with their choice.
Check out the documentary "my big fat diet" about natives in BC, Canada. It looks outside the box. It challenges all of the "obvious medical facts" Thank you for bringing up the discussion.

147426 tn?1317269232
by Quixotic1, May 27, 2008
Dr. Kirksey, as a physician myself and one who also saw my own total cholesterol and triglycerides plummet to normal while my LDL remained borderline and my HDL rose immensely on a very low carb diet, I agree with ER Boy, on every point he makes.  The "caveman diet" reversed my lipid profile and was far more sustainable than any other I have tried, allowing me to lose more than 50 lbs and keep it off.  Because of debilitating neurologic disease, exercise did not play a role.

I do not agree with you that the Atkins diet has been repeatedly debunked.  I have kept abreast of the literature and find it frought with bias toward supporting the "low-fat" hypothesis, which has been pushed at the American population for decades, including the more than a decade when the AMA supported and promoted the use of trans-fat margarines, likely causing a great deal of the CVD we see today.  When the data appeared on the true negative effect of trans fats, the medical profession was typically very slow in reversing its recommendations.

I think your assertion that ER Boy and his "consistent contrarian opinions" is a poor addition to this debate, suggesting that anyone who disagrees with your basic tenets (as in a religion) is working to subvert any who strive for information.  Suggesting that he and his opinions are adding to the problem  of CVD is attacking the person and not dealing with the data he brings to the table.  Shame on you from a colleague!

Just a view from another person who is also well able to read the scientific literature.  May I also observe that Diet is as explosive a topic as Politics and Religion.  Quix, MD

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by madgeOwens, May 27, 2008
I tried Atkins and after just two days I had to be given IV fluids.  Guess its not for everyone.
I once counted all my fat intake and lost 60 pounds.  I quit doing that and guess what.....there baaaaack.....all 60. So I guess I will go on low fats once again. Wish me luck. I will need it because I am much older now.

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by crystalfresh, May 28, 2008
I was a fat little boy. lol. I would ride my bike to the local fried chicken fast food place and eat fried chicken skin and all. Chips, cookies, icecream by the half gallon while watching TV cartoons for hours. My parents thought that they were keeping me healthy because I had meat on my bones. I think everything changed one day when I was in gym class about 12 years old. It was rope day. There was a big rope hanging from the the roof of the gym with knots to climb up. There were a few skinny twiggy kids that seem to float up it like a lizard on a wall. About half the class got at least half way up. Then their was us heavier kids. I jumped on the rope and grabbed held. After about 20 seconds I had to drop off and give up. It was very embarrassing. I didn't climb up it at all. But then the much heavier kid easily over 100 lbs for a 12 yr old, probably the heaviest kid in school went to climb. They got 3 hands up the rope and fell because they couldn't hold on any more. Landed on their back on the soft mat. Their body weigh hitting the mat knocked the wind out of them and they were not able to get up right away. It scared us all. The kid eventually did get up but I think went to the nurse because they could not catch their breath. It was not the fall but their weight landing on their chest.

So here I am this little chub ball with a stomach with its own zip code. Over the next year I stopped eating all the garbage. My family thought I was anorexic. I was just determined. I ate food but I refused anything with fat. I lost so much volume of body fat it felt good. I had sooo much more energy, my acne cleared up, my face and body was not oily any more. I found a rope one day in my mid teens and climbed it all the way to the top with out even using my legs. That felt good. I've been fit ever since. I won't let my self ever get like that again. I understand now that because I lost the weight at a young age they say I have less fat cells as an adult making it easier to stay thing or at least thats what I think they told me.

My body keeps track of how much fat I eat. As a lean person on a low fat diet if I eat too much fat in one day my skin which is perfectly clear will break out with acne and my body will feel oily even if I take a shower. No matter how much I wash my face it just stays oily. If I eat low fat my skin stays clear, no acne and I don't need to wash my face because it won't get oily.

Something else I don't like. Sometimes and very far and few at a party or something I will eat junk cake and fudge. After eating it maybe an out or two I get hot and sweaty. My heart starts beating harder and my skin starts to get oily. I feel terrible and sluggish. My heart is beating harder but not faster. It could be from salt in the cakes or maybe caffeine in the chocolate but it doesn't make me feel good. It goes away after a few hours. Once I eat healthy food again and enough time passes like 14 hours I feel clean again and no more oily skin and softer heart beat. I just want to point out that there is no anxiety with this harder heart beat just something that happens when I eat too much bad food. I am around 30 yrs old now and my body is sensitive to fatty foods. As a child I could eat fried food all the time and never feel it. Oh and if I eat enough junk to make my hear beat harder it's too late for my face. I will have acne for the next few days.

I also learned that when I cut out too much fat I get less stamina energy. So I try to actually eat non saturated fats before workouts. This give me lots of energy. My body pretty much lets me know what it wants and how much fat I need. Not enough, less stamina, too much oily and sluggish. I also get a nausea if I eat too much fat since I am not used to it any more. I can not eat fried food. I think when I used to eat it all the time I was conditioned to it. Now fat makes me just feel sick.

I don't know why people prefer fat? Seriously. Taco bell came out with 50% reduced fat tacos. People didn't want it. They went back to the full fat version. I asked a man why he would not eat a lower fat food. His response was "I not going to eat that health garbage" "I want FAT so it tasted good" He is not the only person that responded like that. I think people have in their minds FAT tastes better. I try to get my girlfriend to go to the fat free yogurt but she cringes when she hears fat free. She likes the taste but in her mind even though the taste is similar she chooses high fat when she can with out even tasting it. It's like people are conditioned to want fat.

Have no idea why my heart starts beating hard but I had an ekg and ultrasound for my asthma and my heart was fine. As a thin person I am somewhat hyper now. I have a bounce to my walk and walk faster than most people. I used to hate walking, so tiring when I was a chub kid. :)

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by crystalfresh, May 28, 2008
I was easily over 100 lbs when I was 12 so I guess the heavier kid was about 100 lbs heavier than I.

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by crystalfresh, May 28, 2008
Please don't take my weight as exact. I remember for sure I was easily over 100 lbs and the heavier kid was wider than tall. But it was so long ago I am just guessing at that weight. I was taller than wide for sure. You could push your hand in to my belly and loose it up to your forearm. So I had a very fat belly. I was skinny compared to the heavier kid.

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by crystalfresh, May 28, 2008
Just another addition. McDonands fries. I was really in the mood for fries because I remembered how great they used to taste. I don't eat fast food but I went and did it this time. Not that long ago. It was at night before bed. I got the super sized fry with fried chicken meal. I asked for the fries to be fresh and with out salt. Salt is another thing that people love. It makes me sick to my stomach to eat super salty foods. Just tastes terrible. But that's what people like I guess. So anyway I ate this value meal that was no value. 2 hours later oily skin and a thumping heart beat. It didn't scare me since I knew why it was beating like that but it reminded me how bad the food is for me. The meal I had was a large drink of lemonaid, 3 chicken strips and a super size fry. So I am sure you can get the amount of salt and fat from that. But remember I had it with out salt on my fies. But then again I used ketchup which has salt in it and lots of ketchup too. Hope that helps you.

I remember feeling soo good as a kid and loving the taste of McDonalds. I wanted to have that taste again. But as soon as I eat it I feel terrible and it doesn't taste the same as an adult. My kid body liked it... a lot!!!! My adult body 18 years later thinks it tastes gross. Yet my desire that made me order the super value meal with super fries was my memory loving it. That memory is replaced with yuk! I don't eat at McDonalds except on a very rare trip.

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by crystalfresh, May 28, 2008
My memories as a kid are still clear. Either the food changed or I changed. As a 12 year old kid about 18 years ago it really tasted GREAT!!!!!! I could eat fries, icecream, and chips all day long. As an adult I would get pretty sick if I tried.

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by sgalet, May 28, 2008

can I change the subject if you dont mind? I am iching like crazy around my neck, hands , arm, and legs?

I recently had a stoke and have High BP. Taking meds for it. I do suspect the cause coul be the meds.

do you know a relief?

thank you

503422 tn?1218560541
by VOR, May 28, 2008

I'm noticing that a lot of focus is on the food we eat . . . that should be a no brainer.  I'm an advocate of eating foods that are low in sat fat and cholesterol, and high in fiber, and I'm even on the organic bandwagon.  One of the biggest problems we face in our society is that we want a lot of food at a cheap price as fast as we can get it.  People are less inclined to stay at home and fix a good healthy meal than they are to go to a local fast food restaurant.  

For some of us, I included, high cholesterol is genetic.  I've had high cholesterol (230ish) as far as I can remember.  I've been in the military for 20-years now, and I am very physically active.  I've been eating oatmeal for breakfast, almost religiously, for 4 years now.  We eat organic foods (as much as possible), watch how much we eat, cut out sodas and sugar drinks (7 years ago) and RARELY go out for fast food.  Yet my cholesterol is still high.  So I was put on 10mg of Zocor and my cholesterol went down to 165.

We really need to change our mindset when it comes to health.  You need to eat smaller portions, healthier foods, drink plenty of water, and spend 30-minutes three times (minimum) a week exercising, both aerobic and strength.  We cannot forget the importance of exercise either.  The key to good health is eating healthy and exercising regularly.  

You're right Dr., the health mindset in this country is "give me a pill to fix all my problems".  We are getting too lazy to put forth the effort necessary to be healthy.  


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by fluffypurrcat, May 28, 2008
Hi Dr. Kirksey,I have been a vegetarian since 1972, and only ate meat for about 4 months while pregnant with my son in 1975, as I was so anemic, I just couldn't seem to get enough iron anywhere else.I eat no fish, chicken or meant. I only eat egg whites and I do eat some dairy products, limited cheese, Riccotta Skim, or non fat cottage cheese, and  Lofat -Mozzarella. I do eat some tofu, but have cut back on the amount I used to eat due to my hypothryroidism and the goiter causing food controversey.

        I recently had a heart attack on April 2nD, and was very surprised since I eat no meat. But I have had high cholesteral since my first screening in 1984. My last results were Total 274, HDL 50, LDL 184, and I think the Tryglicerides were about 200. My Dr. has me on Lipitor 20 mg, and Atenol 50 mg. ( blood pressure)
          After this recent MI, she added Zetia to my meds .I am set up for a Cardiac Catherization on this next Monday, June 2nd. My father died of a acute MI after just turing 60 . (     today is my birthday, I am now 55 so I hope to make it father than my dad did.)

        I am 5 feet 8 inches and weigh 164. ( I have gained about 20 pds since hurting my back in 1999.) I can no longer run or jog like I used to because of hernated disks and a bad foot waiting for a foot fusion. I do walk quite a bit and just started my bike again.I thought I was eating relatively healthy, esp. being a vegetarian.

           I eat whole grains, spelt flour, no wheat, no refined flours or sugars. I use stevia. I also use olive oil on everything and I mean everything except oatmeal or other cereals. I eat at least one salad a day, lots of spinach, Chard, broccoli, squash, tomatoes, lettuce, apples, cherries, tofu, lentils, black or pinto beans, brown or wild rice,
Sea Salt , lemon juice, and olive oil for seasoning, green tea, occasional coffee, at least 8 glasses of water a day.( My husband makes sure I drink lots of water, he is like my coach....LOL...) Nonfat yogurt, or nonfat cottage cheese, about one serving to two servings a day, or one serving of lofat or skim mozzarella or Riccotta cheese a day if i have a vegetarian Lasagna.

      I also take loads of vitamin suppliments a day, here is just a partial list of what my husband gives me;

       Fish oil
       Vitamn e
      Multivitamn mineral suppliment, woman's
       DHEA  10 mg day
       Co enzyme Q10
       Vitamin C
       Vitamn D= Magnesium and Zinc
        Hawthorne  ( heart health )
        Cinnamon ( helps prevent diabetes )
        Phosphatidyl Serine Matrix ( supports memory and cognition )
         Flax seed oil
          Grape seed extract
          L-Carnitine 500 mg
This is just a partial list, my husband gives me these three times a day, ( not all the same each time)
        I must take 30 just in the morning. My point is, I don't know if these are helping with my heart health or not, or if they are doing any good, I know he means well, but I think it is overboard. My point is even with all of these suppliments, I still have high cholesteral, and apparently still had a MI, so with my diet, what else can I do ??

       I do not smoke, I quit in 1979. I do not drink because I take Methadone for my back, and it will make me sick if I mix alchohol and Methadone. The only weakness as far as saturated fat goes would be limited cheese and I use to use butter, not margarine. I have now switches over to Ghee, which is clarified butter and has no trans fat.

I do not eat candy, cakes cookies or other desserts. I occasionally will celebrate like today and eat a sugar free icecream or sugar free fruit pie, occasional carob chip or almond butter or natural peanut butter. Nuts are supposed to be good for you.

I do not eat out, as it is very hard to get Vegetarian take out food, so this is my story. My question is, what else can I do to help my diet for a healthy heart. I also eat out of a small bowl, no seconds and eat about four small meals a day. I allso have cut out diet sodas. I do think part of my cholesteral is hereditary, as I have had it since 1984, and that was so long ago. I am also post menopausal, had a surgical hysterectomy in 2006. Thanks for the chance for any input.    I hope the cardiac catherization will give me some answers.                                                                                                  fluffypurrcat                                      

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by madgeOwens, May 28, 2008
Just a note about vitamins.....
Fat soluble vitamins A D E and K stay in your body unlike others your body voids out what it does not need. You can get vitamin toxicity, so please do not over do it!

182884 tn?1259316506
by fluffypurrcat, May 29, 2008
Madge, If I had my way I would only take a multivitamin mineral suppliment, perhaps Melatoni and Vit C and E, but my husband thinks he is helping me and I can not argue with him, He is impossible to live with if I dont take these suppliments. He is allready insisting I am going to " die" if I don't take these suppliment and the fact I had a MI and have cardiac catherization comming up, he insists I am not in good health and am falling apart. etc, etc. I take the vitamins to keep him happy and hopefully quiet, It is the lesser of two evils, take the vitamins and make him happy, or not take them and hear a lecture for the rest of my life, blah, blah, blah.

          I agree though that I think most people don't need to take this many. My point was, is that even with this many, my medical history and the fact I eat carefully and am a vegetarian, I still have a cardiac history and do not know what else to do.                                        fluffypurrcat

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by geekay, May 29, 2008
Dr. Kirksey,

Fluffypurrcat's story is heartbreaking.  How many more people are ill because they follow the standard dietary advice you promote?  I am betting my own health that dietary fats are not a problem.  Fluffy should stay away from the grains and get a lot more fat into her diet:  eggs, butter, cheese.  I (and a lot of other people out there) are convinced.  I predict that the groundswell of anecdotal evidence will become too high for you to ignore in a few years.

Paul McCartney should be the poster boy for vegetarian cardiac patients, having undergone a recent angioplasty, and a long time vegetarian.

Avatar universal
by madgeOwens, May 30, 2008
geekay.....what may work for you may cause diabetes in others dear....some people get there cardiac problems
in the family genes.........so it is not always there fault....
I hope people listen to the doctor who knows more than Joe Blow.

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by Holly222, May 30, 2008
So, if diet causes CVD and it is proven I believe it causes CANCER too.

503422 tn?1218560541
by VOR, May 30, 2008
One thing that people should not do is apply one standard across the board for all.  I.e., taking certain types of vitamins, or eating no meats, or eating no carbohydrates at all.  I had a doctor recently tell me that we should do everything in moderation, even moderation.  Healthy eating, regular exercise, and regular visits with your doctor should help to keep us healthy.  We are all different, and many factors come into play regarding health, such as genetics, diet, level of activity, environmental factors, and even our level of happiness, and so on.  

People point to a few examples of those who are vegetarians who have heart problems, but how many more people are healthy b/c of their vegetarian lifestyle?  I hear this a lot when I give drug prevention presentations:  "My grandparent smoked cigarettes for 40 years and they lived to be 90 years old."   Okay, here is one of the few exceptions.  What about the 400,000 others who die each year in the U.S. b/c of tobacco use?  

The point is, you should consult your doctor to determine what your best course of action.  I really believe it's about our quality of life.  Good luck to all.

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by madgeOwens, Jun 01, 2008
There are a lot of crack pots out there who believe all kinds of weird things........my thing is.....don't go to extremes in anything and you will do ok.  I think its safe to say the doctor knows best!

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by crystalfresh, Jun 02, 2008
I have a question. As an adult I read labels. I take in about 20-80 grams a fat a day. Mostly unsaturated. When I was little I could eat what ever I wanted. I used to sit and watch TV over 2 hours and eat a bag of MnM peanuts. The whole bag which was over 100 grams of fat. That was just 1 snack not my whole days intake. Now that I am older I feel terrible when I increase my fat intake by just 20 grams.

Do children not digest the fat or just burn it so fast it doesn't make them feel sick. I could have eaten 250 grams of fat as a 11 year old child and not feel sick. I didn't know the health concerns back then and ate lots of fatty foods. I am healthy and active now as far as I know, I can't handle 100 grams too well now in my 30s.

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by terriemae, Jun 03, 2008
It's hard for me to know anything about my food  intake since most of it it contains sugar. I have tried for yrs. to find out if there is such a thing as a person craving something sweet constantly all day long every day, even though they're not pregnant. The moment I open my eyes, all I can think of is sugar, sugar, until I finally get it. Before long it's the same thing all over again. Most of my days are eating candy bars, as much as 6-8 per day, more if I can get to them, milkshakes, cake sweetrolls, just anything I have in reach.I don't have diabetes. I have Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, enemia, Epstein Barr Virus[chronic], osteoporosis,narcolepsy, [with night paralysis], night terrors, ptsd, ocd,tonsil stones, and believe it or not, I'm not a hypchondriac. All my illnesses have been proven through tests and sleep studies, and many more medical tests. PLEASE!!!!!!!   If anyone or you, dr. Kirksey, have any idea or medical reason as to why I crave sweets so much. I've never had a weight problem, am 5ft 3in, 105 lbs.
Thanks to anyone who can help me, my dr. just thinks it's funny and a legitimate concern. By the way, my 6-8 candy bars a day are all at one time! I need someone to take me seriously! thanks, terriemae

525566 tn?1212950868
by suttyjane, Jun 03, 2008
Believe me Meat, isn't your worst choice for fat! Processed foods are worse.I've been on Atkins for 4 yrs. Lowered cholesterol from 280 to 180. Lost & maintained 60 lbs. It's improved my Fibro, IBS & Thyroid.
I know its not optimal choice for everyone, but other health factors can cause the problem. Thyroid patients & those with Auto-Immune disease often have higher readings.

Fat content should be related to how much calorie output & consumption. Exercise, alcholo,drugs can also influence how we process all food. You can't isolate one- ingredient of your daily intake. Overall is significant- how much sugar/carbs, protein, are also important. Exercise is often the main missing ingredient!

*Sugar cravings are often related to a Yeast Over Growth! Have a lot of those type of infections, needs to be looked into.  I too had all or most of those diagnosis till I was placed on Diflucan & Nystatin for a Month. Opted to go on Atkins Diet to get rid of it totally!

Consider this- If your Great Grandparents saw what was in your Frig? Would they recognize any of it? And how much time did they spend not moving in their daily work & life? They probably also got more sleep.

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by madgeOwens, Jun 03, 2008
Crystal frsh wow thats so much fat grams.  I think 30 a day is more like it, but thats me....and as you get older your metabolism slows dosn. Kids who are very active have a great metabolism, but if they sit and play video games and load fat, they will also get fat.  

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by PlateletGal, Jun 04, 2008


Congratulations on your success ! I noticed that I do better on a vegetarian diet (I have CFS) I do my best to avoid saturated fats, trans-fatty acids and stay away from the refined starches & sweets. My HDL was 60-something and my CRP when I was feeling good (before the inflammation) was 0.9.

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by acuman2, Jun 07, 2008
  I agree that diet is the most important factor.  I have 15 years experience treating with Acupuncture and healing massage, and extensive personal experience.  I am convinced beyond doubt that at least 80% of what people suffer with would be gone if they followed the right diet for their body.  Doctor Kirksey is completely right in his findings.  But he is up against two major factors why the majority will never experience terrific health from diet alteration;

   1) Because everyone has their own idea of what to eat ... they hear some of this, some of that, and draw a conclusion and try a few things.  It ends up with very little good information, or correct info.  I have studied all diets, and the best is the macrobiotic diet.  It is whole, natural and organic foods.  What else could the body want?!  Yes, meat and dairy can be whole and natural, but those foods are tightening and congestive to the energy body, which eventually shows more physically as we age.

   2.)  Very, very few have the will power to follow a macrobiotic diet.  It involves cooking all one's meals (imagine the horror! ;-)  ) knowing everything you place in your mouth.  Step 2, after beginning a diet like that is when the body begins to really detox.  That comes about 1-3 months after cutting out all the junk, meat, dairy and sugar.  Detox can be painful and scary!  So, most people never even come close.  I've worked with about 10,000 patients, all suffering from something, and in all those years, preaching to all those people, about 10 made some change, and about 3 did enough to really experience wonderful health.  Diet is the ultimate key - always has been and always will be.  Those that can find the right info and then can practice eventually lead a life hitherto unknown.  Start with macrobiotics (Michio Kushi, author).  That diet is limiting, but its great for cleaning and healing.  I'd say after detox (and you'll know when it happens when symptoms abate and the body becomes vibrant) you can then add some animal proteins.  

    Sincerely,  Scott

393685 tn?1425816122
by stella5349, Jun 08, 2008
I totally want to add to Scotts thought. BRAVO.

I recently started acupuncture and herb healing. I am at this time going through the detox process. IT WAS absolutely the most pain I experienced.

I am a thyroid patient that suffered Graves in 2003 - being nieve - RAI for it and  suffered HAshi and hypoT for 6 years prior to taking my own health into my hands.

Thyroid patients have high levels of cholestrol swimming around due to their condition so diet is critical.

I have went directly to the "biblical diet" program - which complaments the basic diet posted above.  ANY and ALL processed foods - sugars and flour are very depleting for thyroid patients. And it is clinically proven the cholestrol build in thyroid patients. Meds  did not make any difference for me.

Since recieving acupuncture and an herb detox program I am now cleansing. What a difference. !!!  

Considering hypoT patients suffer severe fatigue only compliles the problem  of CVD on lack of exercise.

Balance is key - no matter what the disease and aliment is present.

Happy Qi !!

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by PlateletGal, Jun 08, 2008

Hi Stella & Scott,

I did a detox diet of my own to find out which food I had an intolerance or was allergic to. I went without sugars, corn products, gluten & dairy products for a month. I can tell you that I was feeling soooo good that month and even though the diet was difficult, I'm considering trying it again.

I recently was reading a book about health by Patricia Bragg. She says she goes without eating at least 1 day a week and I was thinking this would be easy for me to do. I think it would be a good way to naturally detox.

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by fluffypurrcat, Jun 09, 2008
To the DR. and everyone else. I am a vegetarian, but it is not primarily because I think it is the most beneficial or healthiest diet for me. I was a super meat eater as a child , I have been on Atkins, the macrobiotic diet, for over two years in the early 70's , as well as for a few months with my husband. I suffer from Hashimotos, high cholesteral, high blood pressure, migraines, I have degenerative disk disease, SI Joint disease, Painful Foot problems that I am waiting for a fusion for, general Osteoarthritis in knees and hips, and I recently had a MI.
               I do not eat meat, fish, chicken,( fowl of any kind ) and only egg whites. I eat dairy products, but have subsituted GHEE ( unclairfied butter ) for regular butter, no wheat, no corn, no processed foods, no sugar, no caffeine, and try to eat organic vegies and fruit, filtered water and of course the vitamin mineral suppliments my husband gives me. The reason I do not eat meat is personal. I do not believe in eating animals, or any living creature, because I can not do it, it upsets me too much. I am an active animal rescuer, and it goes against my personal beliefs. My husband has been trying to get me to eat at least fish for the last 13 years, but he has finally stopped.It is my own personal belief, I know lots of vegetarians say it is because it is healthier, but that is not my focus, just so I have stated my case.I  visited a slaughterhouse when 14 and it changed my life forever.I will never be the same again.                                       fluffypurrcat

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by Maziekienb, Jun 09, 2008
I was diagnosed with FAP in May 2006, I underwent a complete hysterectomy and colectomy in June 2006.  At that time there were abnormal cells forming but no actual malignacies.  In June of 2007 I have a giant agressive Desmoid (paraspinal tumor) that was growing up against my spine removed (it was huge) again no "malignancies" but there were cells outside the margin leaving the real possibilty that it would return.  
In December 2007 they discovered a small desmoid tumor on the outside on my Jpouch but decided to leave it alone for now.  I have had several more FAP polyps removed from my colon that had they had to burn the conective tissue.
Then in April 2008 I had another desmoid tumor removed from my ankel that grew on the sheth of the akilies tendon (right side) and now .. after a recent onset of breast discharge .. they have found what appears to be a "6mm complex cyst or polpy with mural node" or it could be another desmoid in my right breast at 12 o'clock.

Other than trying suldinac no of my doctors have offered me any type of treatments other than surgery.  I am due to see yet another surgeon on Tuesday.  Is there any one who can truely help me I am only 35 yrs old and many years of "surgery" ahead of me ...

Besides that ... I can't seem to lose weight either .. I have about 50lbvs that need to come off still from my pregnancy and they just won't budge.. no one has answered me when I have asked why?

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by jmgjmg623, Jun 11, 2008
I'm surprised that no one has mentioned how important pH is. Obviously, consuming large amounts of acidic
foods/beverages will only lead to poor health. Our bodies have generally an alkaline blood pH of around 7.35-7.45.
Eating or drinking anything under that is considered acidic and it's not good for you. Of course, in moderation to
balance an over alkaline body, a tiny bit of acidic foods are considered reasonable. It's hard to make people understand how important pH is because of the overwhelming studies that have "shown" drinking coffee/wine or eating pizza, etc... is good for you. I do agree with Dr. Kirksey that vegetarians would have a lower % then anyone else. An all fruit and vegetable diet plays an extremely important role in providing the body with an essential 'cancer fighting' environment. I have personally seen for myself how well this lifestyle, not diet, but lifestyle has affected my life. I can honestly say that I no longer have a laundry list of complaints or ailments anymore. The only thing I can complain about is that I didn't know this much sooner.

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by milo_389, Jun 26, 2008
he im in a hurry i ate a little fish from the river and my parents said that i could get sick_???? pzz help reply to milo_389***@****

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by dave2003, Sep 03, 2008
Since we're talking bp swings, among other things, I've a problem with this, too.  Usually occurs either early morning during workouts it will drop, and afternoon tennis matches, it will drop.  My internist has cut me back 4x over the past 3-4 yrs down to a 5mg Hytrin (night) and 1/2 of a 25 mg tab of Metoprolol (morning) before coffee.  He recently eliminated the 5mg Lisinopril due to low swings [90/55 - 80/48 range].  If I lay off a.m. med, then I'll get a 145-150/90-102 swing during the day--this is nuts!  

I'm 65, work out 2-3 x wk, play tennis 4-5 x wk, have always been active, never smoked, enjoy a lean diet (veggies, fruits, whole grain cereal, fish &/or chicken, very little beef, etc.).  I'm 6'-0" @ 165# with a bfi range of 15-19.  Never winded or have any chest pains.  My cardiologist gave me a stress test & heart cath 1 yr ago, and all checked fine.  What gives with the bp swings dilemma?  Any suggestions are appreciated.  
-- dk --
(e-mail:  ***@****)

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