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hope I make it - 09/01/09

Sep 01, 2009 - 6 comments

I only have 4 shots left (5 weeks of RIBA) but I can fill my blood levels dropping.  I don't know why the procrit isn't working.  I'm feeling pretty rough.  Additude is good though with only 5 weeks to go.  Hopefully that will get me through.

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by ArthursMom, Sep 02, 2009
You will make it!!!  At the point you're at, I was freaking out a little, but, if your attitude is good, you're golden!   Hang on!

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by Tippyclubb, Sep 02, 2009
You'll make it even if you have to crawl to the finish line, thats what I did.  I found the last 4 weeks the hardest.

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by annieCinMD, Sep 02, 2009
You sound like I did at the final shot. I knew my numbers were at least as low as when I got stopped for 2 weeks. I had my appointment on Thursday instead of Tuesday, so by the time the flag got raised, I would have already done my shot. That's exactly how it went down, too. She didn't even bother to call me. No point. I made it through the 12 weeks of the PI. Hang tough, attitude is everything!

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by IMstacie, Sep 03, 2009
my excitement is probably draining me - hahaha - can't stop thinking about that last shot / pill - crawling I am to this finish line!

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by meakea, Sep 03, 2009
YuK, you sound just like me at that point in TX and I did crawl inch by inch and got there -- just like you will.  Keep up the great progress and I hope you feel better soon.  

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by IMstacie, Sep 05, 2009
meakea - kind of chaning the subject here but I just now saw your pics.  I luv the RIBA boxes burning!!!! toooo funny.  Should make a canvas of that one and display it.  I also saw your "after" pic,  I guess we all look pretty much alike at that point.

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