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Feeling Like **** !

Aug 25, 2014 - 0 comments

My head feels so weird! I've felt it before and it's not fun! One time I felt like this I had a panic attack I don't wanna let it get that far! Trying to stay calm..

Happy thoughts.. Happy thoughts..

Nothing is wrong with me.. I'm ok.. It's nothing just let it go.. Forget about it..
You're ok.. Don't worry..

Trying so hard to ignore it.. So hard..


Just breathe!! Relax!! Be happy!!

Dealt with this for almost a year! So many times I thought I was going to die.. But I haven't. I don't think it's getting worst.. It actually got a bit better. I just want it gone completely!

I don't want to worry anymore, I don't want these ugly symptoms anymore!

I hate this! But I know this will pass..

Stay positive Iris!!!

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