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a FIFTH Diagnosis ... Geezzzzz

Sep 02, 2009 - 2 comments











mycobacterium fortuitum









Received a call from the University of Iowa Infectious Disease doctors and now they feel I have mycobacterium fortuitum and not nocardia.  I am getting confused as I have now had 5 misdiagnosed conditions.  I've been looking on the Internet for more information and there is some general information but very little; seems it is somewhat rare and is locked away in medical journals that I can not gain access to.

Will keep you updated as I am .. and keep moving forward.  Seems this exposure comes from the original surgery or the aspiration and/or skin following the surgery.  Personally, I have had a problem in this area of my tummy since the initial surgery.

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by TrudieC, Sep 02, 2009
Wow!  You should offer to be written up in the medical books - might help the financial position! :)

How are you feeling though?

Miss you and love you!


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by Ranaesheart, Sep 02, 2009
They've already done a Grand Rounds on me at the University of Iowa .. and I'm sure they are working on a research article because it is fairly rare.  

Am feeling better, finally, in the medical side of things although there are still lots of appointments .. primary care doctor, surgical consult, and another trip to the University of Iowa.

Emotionally, I was up and then sliding back, but they have adjusted my meds and provided me with some new coping skills that I will be sharing.  Wish I would have know them a long time ago!!!  Am feeling better today (meds were changed yesterday and info was shared yesterday) ... and feel more in control.

Am back on the board and will be there more and more.  Have a workbook in the plans .. like a 12 step program so to speak .. with each one taking a month.  We're exciting to be doing this and have several people working behind the scenes to bring this together.

Glad you are back and hope your trip was nice.  Love your attitude and WE WILL get you back on track.  I am back on track now .. and taking one day at a time .. which is what we must do sometimes.  Do ask your hubby to hold off on the red stuff for a while .. it most likely is a trigger.

Thanks for your love and support .. and your love .. it truly does help me and is most appreciated.

Love you bunches ..


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