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Aug 28, 2014 - 0 comments

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On May 18, 2007 I was working on midnight shift and decided to get something to eat.  I selected a salad and was eating it when I felt gas pains.  I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet hoping to expel the gas but I could not.  The pains got stronger and stronger and I thought I might pas out so I pulled up my trousers and tried to stand.  As I walked out of the stall I fainted.  I fainted several more times and hit my head on a urinal in the process.  I managed to make it outside where I fell again.

An ambulance was called and I was taken to a local ER.  The gas pains never stopped.  They were horrible.  I was constipated and I could not pass the gas.  I heard questions as I went through blood tests,  xrays, scans and more and more pain.  “How long have you been taking opiates?  How long have you have atrial fibrillation?  When did you have a stroke?”  The questions angered me because the pain was in my gut not my head.  They thought I had had a head injury/concussion from the fall.  In the process they were discovering things I did not know or remember.

I had been to the dentist and he had prescribed codeine for pain.  Two or three days prior I had taken a pill.  That was the opiate.  Atrial fibrillation was a complete unknown to me.  I did not know what it was or that I had it but I was convince my doctor would have told me if I did so I denied it.  The stroke I denied also but later it was confirmed by a neurologist.  When did I have it?  Who knows?  Obviously I had it 2007 or prior that hospital sessiion.

I thought the ER doctor was crazy!  All I could think about was the pain.  After the tests they put me on a bed pain and I laid there hoping for a bowel movement.  When it came there was so much so big I was not sitting on the pan.  I was sitting on it!  Then finally I had some relief.  The pain was gone.  I was not sure what had happened.  I was bleeding out my rectum and they were giving me Lovenox! I was sure they were going to kill me.  All I thought I had was food poisoning from the salad.  Nothing else was wrong.  I ate a salad and here comes stomach pain.  The worst I have ever endured.  Next I am passing out and in a hospital. Now I am bleeding and hey are giving me blood thinner!

Today I do not know what really happened.  Some doctor mentioned the Vagus nerve might have made me pass out due to the pain.  That made no sense.  What was that?  I did have a stroke.  I do have atrial fibrillation but denied it for two years after the discovery possibly delaying treatment for it and causing myself harm.  I had a history of blood pressure problems yet passed all tests as otherwise healthy up to 2012.  The A-Fib was discovered one day when I was working in my garden.  I was overwhelmed by a heart beating 250 times a minute.  I got my neighbor to take me to the hospital ER and this time I had to agree. It all rang a bell!  

After drug therapy failed I had an ablation which worked two years.  Now I am 30 days away from my second ablation hoping I am cured but not knowing if I am or not.  I take Metropolol, Amlodipine, Losartan-HTCZ. Pravastatin, Zarelto,  Sucralafate, Furosemide, Pantoprazole, Gabapentin, and Potassium Chloride.  With all those drugs I tire easily.  They also upset my esophagus. That makes me want to lie down.  Lying down exacerbates my other problems like a hiatal hernia and GERD. The Sucralafate is to help that. I also have developed eight or more symptoms of Parkinson's and both kinds of tremors. My Neurologists says I don't have evidence of PD.

A few years ago I seemed a dynamic, healthy person with high blood pressure.  Now I am falling apart.
My PD stuff started after a new drug regimen introduced by my then GP.  Within a month of starting these drugs I developed symptoms that could be read about on the pharmacy handout given for different drugs.  My doctor at that time did not seem to know or have experience with these side effects and so he dismissed them.  My insurance changed so I got another doctor who was willing to work with me more.

Today I live in a world full of Specialist who each have a diagnosis and often a bunch of drugs to treat them.  What I am hoping to do is find out what triggers A-Fib and avoid them.  I also want to get off some of these drugs I am taking with their unwanted side effects—if they are present in my life.

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