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It's a BOY!

Sep 03, 2009 - 3 comments





It's a boy



We had our 18 week checkup today, and everything on the ultrasound looks good!  This was the first day that the husband saw the baby, and he was so cute - "that's a hand!  Is that the spine? etc".  The only things they couldn't really see were the lower face to check for cleft lip or pallate, so we'll have to do another ultrasound in 10 weeks (oh darn... ). Also my placenta is only 2.5 cm from the cervix and they would prefer to see 3, so they will recheck that at 10 weeks too.  Dr said it was normal at taht point b/c I am not 20 wks yet.  

Then they showed us the definitive boy parts!  My husband had been holding out for a "panda" but he says he'll settle for a human boy.  

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936197 tn?1268663065
by daisiema, Sep 03, 2009
CONGRATS!!!! So happy everything looks good :)

949288 tn?1263738633
by niki_beth, Sep 04, 2009
How wonderful!! Congrats!!! LOL!!! PANDA!!!

212720 tn?1304375415
by Quinns momma, Sep 04, 2009
Yippee... So happy for you!

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