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Pimple like spots on Dameon

Aug 31, 2014 - 5 comments

Just need a little in put. Dameon had a "pimple" like spot on his forehead and it lasted quite some time, it went away and I didn't think anything of it. Well then he got one on his chin that lasted about two weeks, I noticed that he got another one on his cheek starting to form, so I took him to his ped. He said that he's probably picking at it so it won't heal. Well he stopped picking at the one on his chin, he hasn't touched the one on his cheek at all and it's been there over a week. Now he's got one on his nose and the one on his forehead got irritated (he scratched it), and now there's a pimple there again!!! When they're gone they seem to leave a little dark spot behind, and when irritated it comes right back out. Sounds like some kind of infection to me?!? I don't know if I should make him another appt and make sure it's nothing or what??

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1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Aug 31, 2014
Hmmm I have no idea.

My best suggestion would be to get another Dr appt and get it looked at to rule everything out. And if it turns out to be nothing, better safe then sorry

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Sep 01, 2014
That's what I think too, but my dr's office can be really big a$$holes if I bring him in twice for the same thing, it's like they don't take me serious the 2nd time, but I am going to make him another appt to make sure!

2015757 tn?1409172476
by qunkieee, Sep 02, 2014
Micah had the same thing your describing on his bottom, looked like little pimples/boils. Irritating always brought it back. His dr kept giving me cream untill i was firm with him and said i knew it was more than a rash , was given abitbiotics and was gone within two days and nevee returned.
I hate when drs dont take our concerns seriously because nobody knows our children better than us .

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Sep 03, 2014
I called again and he called me in an antibiotic, I know it's not just a rash, it's definitely some kind of infection, so hopefully this antibiotic helps! there's no reason he's having "pimples" pop up this randomly and not going away for long periods of time!

2015757 tn?1409172476
by qunkieee, Sep 05, 2014
Hope they clear up and that the antibiotics relieve is irritation from them.

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