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thyroid high

May 27, 2008 - 4 comments


today i got a call from the nurse who told me Dr said thyroid too high- so armed wiht yet anoehter blood requisition i shall visit the lab with my ongoing lab req's this coming monday.
she did say that HG was up to 109- so that is good, and after bllod this coming monday i can dro pto blood every three weeks.
yay! :)?

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by medicmommy, May 29, 2008
Hiyas! I can SO identify with the thyroid issue -and the blasted anemia!! Where are you at with treatment? Genotype? Etc, etc...hang in there...and stay away from seafood...LOL       ((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))  ~Melinda

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by albany, May 29, 2008
I hate SEAFOOD- SO no PROBLEMS THERE, UNLES CANNED TUNA AND CAPTAIN HIGHLENER COUNTS, BUT (oops caps on) i do not eat that very often either.  I posted a 'summary' thread of the recent things that ahve gone on, which are aobve and beyond the usual sides that i have experienced throughout Tx, which seem to cycle.

a few weeks back i got a call from nurse, who said blood is very low, and although iron stores in body is high, that i needed to be taking iron- she suggested Palafer with folic acid.  WHen i asked WHY- she explained that although my body is holding onto the iron, it is not using it, so therefore we need to introduce some.  I got no name iron (same as palafer) and shorlty thereafter ALSO ended up on the Eprex (in USA procrit) as Hemoglobin low (97).  
and THEN, two weeks later (wed past) I get another call, and now it is thyroid out of whack, too high...
additionally- and i PROMISE this is the last convultion to add to this topic ... (and slightly embarassing one too I might add,) but through it all, for th elast few weeks, I have had yeast infections frequently....and that just plain sucks.

My name is Albany and I am from Ontario
I am in week 37 ( I think) of 48 - i started sept 13, and have 48- so think that count is fairly accurate
I am genotype 1 A and taking pegetron- i take the pink pen, and 1000 riba a day.

what about youo?

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by medicmommy, May 30, 2008
For the yeast problems, take anything with acidophilus in it...yogurt, etc...and restrict white sugar and stuff with white flour ...It will get your body chemistry back in line and stop the infections.  This is very important for, when it is out of whack enough to show up in the moist/ warm areas, it will start showing elsewhere too...Mouth, gut, skin, etc...And if you're prone to urinary tract infections, try drinking cranberry juice as a has a compound in it that prevents bacteria from sticking to your urinary tract...I hope I'm not making you die of embarrassment...One last thing...If you are sexually active, treat your partner for yeast too..Believe it or not, it can be continually passed back and forth...(And antibiotic use is notorious for knocking your natural body flora out!)
If you haven't, also get your blood sugar checked...This darn treatment can cause diabetes to surface and often it shows up with persisting yeast...In essence, it makes the body too "sweet" and gives the yeast (normally held in check by the good bacterias) something to eat...
Okay, now that I've embarrassed you to death...With the hyperthyroid..if your heart rate is continuously running high (110+/ min) and you are symptomatic from it (hot, heart pounding in your ears, rapid weight loss, sweating), it may be time for temporary meds like a beta blocker...My endocrinologist believes this will flip to hypothyroid by the time I end treatment, and then hopefully go back to normal...It's usually caused by an autoimmune thing and your body attacks the thyroid for some reason..Well,I've babbled on long enough...LOL Hopefully, though a bit embarrassing, this info helps...Take care!     (((((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))                   ~Melinda

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by alinpain, May 24, 2009
can someone tell be what tx it a treatment for hep-c

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