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Have you ever had a moment

Sep 04, 2009 - 1 comments






Have you ever had a moment

Where life could be so complex
your mind is reaching for simplicity

Like the parched thirst for water?

Have you ever felt love was in reach
but so unreachable?

Have you ever felt betrayed
when it was you who was doing the betraying?

Have you ever not been in love
and said I love you anyway?

Have you ever been in love
and never said I love you

Moments that get me every time is why I feel like I can't talk to the one I'm supposed to love. Like she completes me, but only because she holds my heart with such a grip it would die if she let go. But it hurts because she's strangling it.
I feel as if we need to part, but I don't know how my life would be if we did.
Finding the courage to do so, is much more easier said than done.

Although I am sick of trying to convince my heart that I'm in love....
I'm sick of feeling weak because I think if I let her go, love will be impossible from here on out.
I'm sick of holding onto her just for the memories, just because I think she is the right one when I know for sure we are not.

On the other hand,
it's just difficult.....It's like I love her more than anything,and I don't want her to be with him. It's like I want her to be in my life in and let him go.
I feel selfish,I know I cannot have it both ways, somewhere inside my dreaming mind wishes I could...

I wish I could tell the person I think about all the time the truth.
I wish she would know how much she is in my dreams and even my thoughts during the day.

I don't know.....
this is my complex love life at the given time.... now I'm done...

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by vivich, Sep 04, 2009
hey , i remeber a sentence but gorget who said that ," love like a war ,easy to start   hard to end ".  it is relly complex. i have simlilar experience like you . I  love him ,but i broke up with him , maybe we love each other but we are not compatible for each other , it has been two years since then,but i cannot forget him . i try to learn open my heart and accept others ,i donot know what will be in my future life . what i would like to say is just following your heart !!

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