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Waiting for baby... 41 weeks PLUS!  

Sep 05, 2009 - 0 comments

All prenatal appointments have been boring.  My body doing nothing, didn't even get the edema feet swells until last month.  Very healthy and happy pregnancy... gained 60 or more pounds though!  I think I weigh like 214 and started at 150ish.  yikes!  I can't sleep in my bed... I sleep inclined on the recliner couch because I can't breathe laying down.  Now my feet are ginormously swollen and feel like I'm walking on bruises.  The tops are puffy and sore too. Doc said more water and NO salt.  Every prenatal appointment has been boring with no cervical changes at all... no Braxton Hicks even.  The last appointment doc said baby was fine but time to schedule a c-section because she's too big and my pelvis is too narrow to deliver an almost 9 pounder and it would be dangerous for mama and baby to induce for a vaginal birth.  So I'm scheduled for a c-section on Monday, September 7th, Labor Day 2009!  I wonder if IVF is why my body is not doing any type of labor or dilations or whatever???

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