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I've had it

Sep 05, 2009 - 4 comments

Oh I just can't take it anymore. I made myself go to the pool yesterday afternoon when I was desperate to lie down.
It was great to see my friends and catch up, despite feeling tired and head-achey. But it made me realise just how much I'm missing out on because of this Condition. Whatever the hell it is.

I actually ended up unable to sleep last night. Wired but Tired. I felt weary, but happy this morning. Probably because Shim woke me up with tea and toast in bed. I tried to nap after because I was so tired, but it wouldn't happen. Damn. Now I've gone the other way!

I staggered out of bed and down to see the kids at 11. I lay on the couch until 3, then my headache and weariness in my body was so bad that I went to bed for 4 hours. Instead of going to the pool like I'd wanted to.

When will this boring, monotonous, achey exhaustion ever stop. What's going to help me? I'm looking down the Thyroid, CFS and Sleep Disorders routes. Which of them holds the key to my recovery?

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by jenger, Sep 05, 2009
I just happened to see your post. When did  your symptoms start and what in heck is going on?

So tired you cannot get out of bed? Well, that does sound like thyroid, but even with thyroid, some times during the day are normal. Have  you had any flu shots over the years?

I am having a lot of trouble with the Synthroid I am taking for my thyroid problem. I am having low blood sugar attacks about 3 hours after I take the med.
It sounds like  you are having attacks of low blood sugar all during the day. Hypoglycemia. Diet is the key for that but  you need a glucose tolerance test to determine it that is it.

Post again with more info.

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by SuzCat, Sep 06, 2009
Hi Jenger,

Thanks for the interest - but I was just blowing off steam. I didn't expect anyone to bother commenting on my stream of invective. But it's nice to know some-one cares!

I had one flu shot, must have been 7 years ago. Made my arm so sore that I decided not to do it again.

I'm always hungry, and if I don't eat every 3 hours I get hypoglycemic symptoms. But this is far worse, and wont go away if I have a snack, drink some water, take a nap, go for a walk... whatever I do, I always feel exhausted and barely awake. With a headache.

Its weird - I can feel consciousness lurking just out of reach, but I'm too slow and lumbering to catch it and jam it in place.

My head is hurting right now. The top of my head feels like it's made from plastecine, and my eyes are sore and aching. My eye-doctor says my eyes are fine, though. They just feel like they've not slept for 3 days straight.
My T3 and T4 are in the low range of normal, TSH bang on normal. My doc raised my levothyroxine a little, but I really think I need T3.

So, in addition to seeing a Rheumatologist (my doc says I've got to see one for CFS), a Neurologist - to get a sleep study, now I need to see an endocrinologist too. Waiting lists are long and - get this - I've got to find an English-speaking one cos I live in Israel and don't speak the language.

It's great - have a mystery ailment that makes me really sick, need to see alot of doctors, some have long waiting lists, and finding one who speaks English AND is forward-thinking about things is proving a tough challenge.

Damn it all to hell. I've rested and taken it easy all day long. Just so I have enough energy to lice-comb my 10 year old's hair. It's long, thick and curly and a challenge even when I'm fighting fit. But come ON!

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by jimbocaesar, Sep 08, 2009
i am a veterinarian who developed chronic fatigue syndrome fifteen years ago. being medically oriented i have been able to investigate in detail many causes of chronic fatigue from hormonal to infectious and autoimmune. i finally have what seems to fit for me and seem to be responding to a specific antiviral therapy. everybody obviously do not have the same condition even though there symptoms may be similar. however ther is an answer for everyone . its just amatter of finding it.

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by SuzCat, Sep 08, 2009
But finding it is like searching for a needle in a haystack!
Thanks for writing to me. I hope that you continue your journey back to health. And stay there!

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