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thankful for the support

Sep 05, 2009 - 0 comments

i would just like to say,when i first became a memeber on this site,i didnt understand the concept of it as i was constantly looking for information and answers in every medical aspect regarding my daughter..i was oblivious to anything else,even in my own personal just like to say im so grateful to anyone that has taken time out to read and reply with such kind words,and i realise how much help and support this site offers in a way i didnt know existed.
maybe i am starting to come to terms with my own circumstances,i feel foolish for not realising sooner how this site works and what is has to offer..but i know that if i can help anyone i will,and i wish everyone happiness an i feel now im not alone,and i hope whoever reads this,know that u too are not alone either,regardless of why your here in the first place.  we all have problems no matter how big or problem is mine,and yours is yours. bein on this site,we are all here for each other xx

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