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is it an ingrown hair or genital warts popin up again

Sep 06, 2009 - 0 comments

Genital Warts


ingrown hair



i've been sick for a lil while now just a cold i think....and i was sittin here coughin half to death so i went to the bath room and theres these bumps basically on  my bikini line... i shaved maybe a week ago maybe even it an ingrown kinda hurts.....i do have genital warts is it just show up because im sick......i havent had any unprotected sex in a while....and i got a blood test done and donated blood so it cant be just scared is it an in groen hair bumps look a lil red, desnt look like any puss....i just nticed it so im thinkin its the gw popin up cus i am sick can i just get sum feed bac i cant goto the docs no insurance so ill try and find a free clinic but any ideas of wat it cud be

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