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Sat sept 6  5 days no methadone

Sep 06, 2014 - 0 comments

What a hard ride. Stopped on sept 2 had plan for detox my kaiser said cancel plan will help you here then after gave up my bed in another detox facility entered kaiser and on my second day said ok you can go home. The bad withdrawals hadn't even started I am covered for inpatient detox. They messed up the plan I had set up. Bee in hospital on medical ward since the 2nd they are waiting for a bed to open in a convelesent home . They can't send me home while I am having bad withdrawals I also have Multiple sclerosis the shaking from the withdrawals caused me to have seizures from the ms can't tolerate this alone. I hope it doesn't smell bad wherever they send me . Been trying to get a pt advocate to see me they haven't sent one yet. They made me lose a space at a good detox facility they are evil . Then they withheld the clonidine which was helping me with the withdrawals it caused me to have a bad seizure. Shame on them I will report them to the federal Medicare for abuse and negligence also called adult protective services on them they will file a report all I want to do is detox safely and they interfered with it. Malpractice I fired the hospital staff dr yesterday and will be reporting him as we'll kaiser Medicare covers in pt detox this is clear malpractice and they have endangered my safety withdrawals were awful all night till noon when new dr redid ordered for clonidine am hanging on by a thread but because of the people on this site giving me support I will get through this

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