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Getting burned out on drive-bys

Sep 07, 2009 - 5 comments

I hate to say it, but I think I'm starting to get judgmental about the people posting in the heart rhythm forum, and I'm getting snooty about who I'll take the time and answer.  

It seems like for months all you see is a people making a single, frantic post.  You reply, and then you never see or hear from them again.  And maybe their symptoms went away.  Maybe they died (eeks).  Or maybe they just don't seem as grateful as I would expect them to be.  As grateful as I was when I first started posting in the heart rhythm forum.  

So now I check their user info before I reply.  If they just registered today, I'll tend not to take my time responding because odds are, they won't be heard from again.  

Am I being snooty?  I just feel burned out, and a little appreciation can go a long way.  I don't know how Jerry_NJ does it, day after day, answering all the threads that nobody else answers.

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by ionizer, Sep 07, 2009
Welcome to the internet, everyone wants an answer immediately and then they move on.

But those who are frantic probably don't care long term anyway and end up going to the dr if it continues so, i'd stick with ur idea of only bothering with those who really show interest

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by Wundergecko, Oct 06, 2009
Hi - just wanted to apologize for being a drive-by poster myself! I've got OCD and anxiety issues, and tend to get very obsessed and very worried about things. I did read your reassuring reply as I have the comments on my thread emailed to me, but then kept putting off replying to you as I was afraid that re-visiting my thread would trigger the obsession to start all over again.

I really did appreciate your input - it's so good to know I'm not alone - and the fact that you looked into Mirena side effects. I'm now back and trying to post helpful comments on other people's threads, although I'm certainly no expert and all I can really offer at the moment is that I've had three years of cardiac symptoms and I'm still here.

Thanks again, sorry again, and good health to you!

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by dmacd74, Dec 21, 2009
I just "caught" your journal.  I don't post that often because mentally I understand my pvcs and don't usually panic when they start. I feel reassured by my doctor's reassurance, I've had all the tests (normal), and have had these things for over 15 years. I have learned to manage my fear and anxiety over them, and in a way manage them.  When in bigeminy, I will rest more, hang low, until they get better, even if it takes weeks.  My family will know I am trying to nurture them away and they help me do just that.  I don't feel cheated of life during those times, I read more, watch movies, post on the boards, etc.  I still get work done, exercise every day, but when home, really take care of my needs.  Anyways, I LOVE reading your posts and depend on your calm, caring voice of reason!!!  Please don't stop posting.  Jerry from NJ is important to me too!  I feel as you do about some of the posters, but when I see your name or Jerry's, I know I am going to get good advice that is calm and caring.  I just wanted you to know how I appreciate that.  Thanks so much, Debbie from RI.

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by Wisconsin2007, Dec 21, 2009
Hi Debbie -

Do you visit my skippinghearts site?  If I remember correctly, I think I have a pretty regular visitor from Rhode Island - maybe that's you?  The site's pretty small yet, so there aren't that many regulars

Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words.  I've kind of stopped visiting here for a couple reasons -

The short bursts of PSVT were diagnosed by a competent cardiologist and I trust in her counsel, which is really important.

I run quite a few websites but really didn't want to run one having to do with heart rhythms for fear it would make me focus on them more and make mine worse.  But after awhile I was spending so much time here anyway, spending time researching other people's questions, even investing in text books and reference books, and I guess I felt like I should have been getting more out of it (maybe from Medhelp?).

So in the end, I launched a site anyway.  And it allows me to do things that Medhelp won't allow, and it also helps me pay for all the things I spending money on just to help other people with their heart issues.

So I'm around, and now that winter is here (my "day job" is that of a landscape contractor), I'll be putting more time into my website to add content and bring in more members, so we can all share in the helping.  It makes such a big difference.

Thanks again,


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by Mom2four85, Dec 21, 2009
Jeff! it's good to see your face around here again; hopefully you'll post some more here also :)

I for one love your skipping hearts site; you've helped me numerous times and patiently answered questions.  It has so much info contained in one place that I found extremely useful many months ago, instead of having to search all over for just a tidbit of info.

Keep up the great work and have a safe and Happy Holidays


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