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Is this all in my mind?

May 28, 2008 - 1 comments

Sometimes i feel like i think so much  about the anxiety, that i actually cause myself to have a panic attack..It always happens to me at night. I lay down to go to sleep and my heart races and this horrible terrified feeling comes over me. Before i know it, Ive spent the entire night trying to talk myself out of the anxiety and I feel terrible. I have tingling only in my left arm and hand, which is wierd. But, it never soon as i start to think or worry about it, there comes the tingling. Am i crazy or does anyone feel like its their own mind causing all these physical symptoms?

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by becca447, Jun 13, 2008
ive experienced panic attacks alot. i find that taking a xanex an hour before i go to bed helps. id start out on .25mg first, because itll make u groggy.

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