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wish I knew why

Sep 10, 2009 - 2 comments

I suddenly feel everything is 0, I am 0, I am nothing, no one really respects me , no one takes me serious or at least consider me of any value...
I know it's childish, but can't stop it

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1026157 tn?1252270361
by Xoex, Sep 10, 2009
It can't be stopped.... It's not in you control.... Needs to be cured...

977569 tn?1295868037
by Andrea2709, Sep 11, 2009
Hey I feel your pain and am where you are on a regular basis too.  Deep down you know that people care but you don't want to accept it.  Unfortunately you just need to ride this out and hope it will pass quickly.  What meds are you on?  Have you a help line you can ring to talk things through?

Hope you are ok

Love and light

Andrea xxxxxx

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