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Sep 10, 2009 - 0 comments







slow down

i just hope that my body will hold out for this struggle that I am going through right now. just got out of the hospital 9.9.09 after my liver could not maintain my pain patches, along with the other drugs that I have been takin to try to get my system to accept. could have been a very bad day last friday, when my son found me unresponsive to anything. and had to call an ambulance on me. I know that my husband got a very big taste of what losing me would be and also i got a taste of what it was to be in that sort of situation. my mother had only been out of the hospital about a week when this happened to me. I FINALLY realize that I not SUPERWOMAN, and that i HAVE TO slow down before I am down for the count. even though i have been refusing to slow down i now know that I must. it's just a hard thing to do when i'm still just in my 40's ...guess my body is telling me something and that i had better head it's warning. I hope for something to help me slow down because i refuse to listen..

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