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cervical laminoplasty vs. discectomy

May 29, 2008 - 1 comments






Not sure how i would or could handle my issues and decisions at hand without God in my life. Im no super human, I do wory from time to time but ultimatly I know God will take care of me and this brings me comfort and peace. I read some of the entries made by other people and I understand what they are going through but to do it with out God would scare me more then the possible outcome of my situations. I pray for all who is strugling that they get heald but mostly i pray we all come to know and trust God and understand the love He has for all of us.

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by TLC2008, Mar 01, 2010
I read your post & wish you the best, having spine issues is no fun at all, I have degenerative disk disease plus other medical issues, though I'm always happy go lucky, had many tests done which were no fun at all! I know how you feel & you're right God is by our side! Laughter is the best medicine ever, keep smiling & keep your faith, don't give up the fight! Life is too precious...Hope all is well...If you ever need a friend feel free to send me a message anytime...Good Luck & Take care..

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