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Signs and Nutrition Problem of Thyroid - Tom Brimeyer

Sep 22, 2014 - 0 comments

Hypothyroidism Revolution


Tom Brimeyer


Tom Brimeyer Review

10 signs of a thyroid problem Tom Brimeyer define 10 signs of Thyroid in his E-Book Hypothyroidism Revolution, which are as follows:1. CONSTANT FATIGUEConstant tiredness and lack of energy is a typical sign of underactive thyroid gland. If fatigue has it available from waking up in the morning, even eight hours sound sleep is better done research on thyroid hormones and TSH. When circulating levels of thyroid hormones are present at low concentrations, and they do not reach the cells, muscles are not able to respond to the signal for the start of the awake mode.2. FEEL DEPRESSED You feel weak like you're depressed without a reason for your condition - without being under different pre-tension and stress without you happened to any particular event. Thyroid hormone levels are tied to the synthesis of serotonin and thus our good mood, so it is fully consistent with the low tone of the body and deficiency of these hormones serotonin is low and subdued mood.3. FEEL AN UNEXPLAINED ANXIETY AND FEAR Anxiety, nervousness, irritability and a typical sign of hyperthyroidism. When the level of thyroid hormone is above normal, all body systems receive signals to work, in this case, extreme. Metabolism speeds up, the body begins to function at high speed, and as a result of yielding rapid depletion.

If you feel that you cannot just sit back and relax, the study of thyroid hormone will not be superfluous.4. MIND YOU, IF IT IS WEAKR esourcefulness or elderly understandably our cognitive abilities are weak, but at a younger age it is more a sign of a problem. When overactive thyroid gland usually has a problem with concentration, such people can hardly hear you jump from topic to topic and etc. Upon reduced the opposite, if memory does not work and thinking is slowed. Women often mistakenly attributed such a state of menopause, but must interpret it as a signal for a consultation with an endocrinologist.5. DECREASED LIBIDOIn decreased thyroid function tested lack of sex drive, like the lack of any tone for her was another activity. If low libido lists and other typical underactive thyroid symptoms which in themselves also contribute to it should be done hormonal study.6. YET YOU ARE COLD OR WARMIn decreased thyroid function, metabolism is slowed, released less energy, and therefore heat, which explains the constant coldness. Conversely, hyperthyroidism in body heat because of the accelerated process by which the affected him warm and sweat.7. DRY SKIN AND CRACKED NAILSIn decreased thyroid function and metabolism slow skin is not well supplied with moisture, making it dry and prone to infection and irritation. In hypothyroidism nails start easily crack and become striated.8. THINNING HAIR, SHORTENING EYEBROWSSuch are the effects on the hair - it becomes dry, easily tearing and thin. Furthermore, at low levels of thyroid hormone is concerned the cycle of hair growth, and more hair follicles remain in the resting stage, which is the reason for its visible thinning.

The same process affects hair body and face. For example, therefore, the eyebrows are shortened, lose a part of its length on the outside. An overactive thyroid gland was prepared hair thinning, which is also seen as a thinning of the hair.9. INCREASED APPETITE AND DULL SENSATIONS OF TASTEWhen thyroid hormones are elevated and all body functions are accelerated, it is logical and energy to be exhausted and hungry faster. In contrast to other conditions, however, cannot be obtained weight gain. On the other hand, the decrease in thyroid gland without the use of extra calories to gain weight. Affected reported that their sense of taste and flavors are dulled.10. GAIN OR WEIGHT LOSSGain always worry and can be obtained for various reasons - plenty of snacks, reduced physical activity, stress, menopause, etc. But when imperceptibly replaced the clothes in the closet 2-3 bigger size without changing eating habits and lifestyle, then consultation with a specialist is not redundant. Decreased thyroid function is associated with weight gain. The same applies in the opposite case, when weight loss that occurs even in hyperthyroidism.Nutrition Thyroid ProblemsIn diseases of the thyroid gland must stick to a regimen of diet. The thyroid is a gland glands, which produces three hormones - thyroxin, Calcitonin.The first two control hormone metabolism in the body, and also the processes of growth and development of tissues and organs.    

The hormone Calcitonin is responsible for the metabolism of calcium in the organism and regulate bone mass.Both excessive and insufficient hormonal activity of the thyroid gland causes a variety of diseases. The level of the hormone directly linked to the State of the tissues of the thyroid gland.Excessive hormonal activity is called hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis. Deficiency of thyroid hormone is called hypothyroidism.NUTRITION THYROID PROBLEMS Main symptoms of thyrotoxicosis were palpitations, sweating, trembling, irritation, insomnia, aggressiveness, fatigue, decreased libido, abnormal menstrual cycle.
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