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still skating on med to high!!

Sep 14, 2009 - 0 comments




this period of time has been pretty awesome! B said to me the other day "did you clean the oven door?" - I mean how ridiculous is that for me? But the other side is that S and i were playing dollhouse and of course i couldn't "just play" - it was a bit dusty so I had to clean it, I could NOT just sit there. Not that I care - bring it on! I was super tired yesterday (MON) but that is reasonable as we had not one, not two but THREE functions on Sunday - so ok moodwise, but physically tired.

I'm wondering how much the energy is to do with going off the pill and how much is K's magic vitamins?? As usual I go off the pill and immediately look and feel like I've lost a bit of weight (maybe 1kg or so?)

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