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Grief at rock bottom

Sep 25, 2014 - 0 comments








I sit here and this day is terribly scary ,and sad

As i sit here and time slowly ticks by, I remember your cries and when i would speak you my angel would turn your head to see where i was. So many memories we shared together hopefully to reunite together quickly and this torment be gone forever. I think of your smile bellefire and the way you would gaze into my eyes and the pure love we shared together for eternity, A mother should not bury her child I had so many hopes and dreams for you, You bellefire lit the way I have never felt such sorrow it's almost as if someone reached inside my soul and took something very special and a year ago , you was called home every minute since that gut wrenching day i have seen you you are here ,the flashbacks are more rapid than ever and it's so hard and i remember to tell myself that life is short we all have to go.... we will be reunited one day soon:) I shall hold you again and maybe start over again i believe god, has a plan for each and everyone of us! This day is so very hard but i know you are among the angel's in my dreams and surrounding me everyday i feel the presence but i can't physically hold you, sing to you I feel you near, stronger than ever! Bittersweet day for me.......Love you bellefire happy birthday baby

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