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Sep 28, 2014 - 0 comments

1. ALWAYS MAXI PADS (SUPER LONG)-Because contrary to what you might believe or have heard, you WILL bleed for at least 1-2weeks after giving birth. And it WON'T be like a period.  It will be heavier( hence the LONG/SUPER size)

2. EPSOM SALT-You will want to put some in a bath in a bath tub and soak "whoha" and anything eles down there that might tear, during labor.

3. GRANNY PANTIES- Because thongs and cute undies wont cut it for at least 2 weeks. Something has to hold that huge pad in place.

4. WHITE CLOUD PREMOISTENED SOFT CLOTHS-Trust mommies. You WILL NOT want to use regular toilet paper for at least 2 weeks.

5. CURAD INSTANT COLD PACK-You won't put this on your arm. You will put this IN YOUR PANTIES. Trust in this do it. On top of the will be fine and so will you.

6. HEMORRHOID CREAM-After all that pushing how could we not have the hemmi's. They will appear, but use the cream it "got your back" so to speak...

7. STOOL SOFTENER-Yes you will need to take them. With the above mentioned visitors, the last thing you want is to strain.  Take these often.

8. SOOTHING BREAST WIPES- Because after baby feeding so long, you will need relief.  Soothing relief!

9. TYLENOL- This speaks fir itself. It will relief any pain from tearing, hemmi's,  sore nipples, etc. Its the only over the counter pain reliever you can take while breastfeeding.

10. SUMMER'S EVE CLEANSING CLOTHS- Because you WON'T feel clesn for about 2 weeks, and you WON'T want to put a loofah or wash cloth down there...these are a better option.

11. NURSING PADS- Weather you breast feed or not your boobies will drain.  Keep these handy!

      ~~~ found this on s blog by two ladies named Lyndesy and Jennine~~~

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