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some of the things i did to get BFP.

Sep 16, 2009 - 4 comments

ok my story:- TTC since last 6 years,i have stage-1endometriosis(i did leproscopy 4 that)high prolactin harmone which is in control by AF is regular,i ovulate everymont,but still never concived so did 3 IUI's after leproscopy,but no luck dr ask to do IVF we were not convinced so tryed by ourself couple of years but unfortunately no luck ,so we decide to do IVF,we did our first ivf in feb2009,26eggs,15 embroyos.6went to blastocyst,did my transfer unfortunatel report was BFN.i lose all my hopes,my RE said so many times 1st ivf fails becasue of the harmonal medicines which we take to produce more egg ,she said i should try for frozen transfer,she suggested me to do natural FET,if it wont work then i have to do leproscopy again & then try for 3rd ivf but 2nd frozen after waiting one month we started out 2nd ivf but 1st FET NATURAL,without any medicine,mean while i started accupuncture,i go 4 acupunture they r specialist for IVF & IUI.& gues what I GOT MY !ST BFP IN MY LIFE TODAY>iam 9dpet today,& my beta level is 380,my nurse said which is a very good i want to share my sucess & tips with u all so u can try too who ever is doing IUI or IVF.
& i belive i got my BFP only because of this because in 6 years i tryed everything but this is the tips i gues gave me BFP.

>i would suggest every one should try acupuncture but u should go to the specialist who does accupun---for infertility,also do acupuncture on the day B4 & after transfer.thats what i did.
>  eat yam dont eat raw,boiled yam as much as u can u should only eat till u ovulate the day u ovulate u should stop eating yam.

> dont eat anyfrozen or priservativefoods,try to eat fresh meat,no milk product,no seafood,no seafood, no polished grains like no white rice,no white flours,anything which is polished eat fresh veges & lots & lots of fruits.everything should be cooked no raw foods.thats what my acupunctursit suggeted me b4 my 2nd ivf i& i followed & i got BFP.
>drink lots of water no gatorade or any thing only water.
>keep yourself warm always wear socks.
> most important thing on the day of my transfer my acupuncturist sugest me to eat pinaple core,not pinapple no no pinapple,but pinaple core,eat half the core starting from the day u transfer for 3 helps for implantation.
>eat almond & walnuts.
> lower ur salt & sugar in take,dont take any sugar suplement.
>& read this book The Infertility Diet : Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage

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The Infertility Diet : Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage  

Fern Reiss  

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342693 tn?1425621476
by bfromthed, Sep 16, 2009
wow and I just ate white rice yesterday....

878702 tn?1315099521
by help4baby, Sep 16, 2009
u did a good job putting this here!!! I believe in good diet and acupuncture. It really helped me.

1057389 tn?1325465587
by jennlaurin80, Oct 04, 2009
im going to look for that book. thanks for the good pointers ! and CONGRATZ to you !!

Avatar universal
by wanabmom, Oct 20, 2009
thanks for info. i have a question, just found out i am pregnant i started acupunture how often you think i should do this?

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