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May 31, 2008 - 2 comments

I decided to take myself and the youngest son off to see the relatives for a few days.  I have been in a not good space in my head for weeks and my Hypo symptoms were getting worse.
I had heard about a famous naturopath who has clinic near to where my brother lives and decided to find out more about this type of treatment.
It was my birthday, my neck was very sore, I was very low, (but putting a brave face on as usual). My sister in law was telling me about a friend who had been treated by this man but had to wait 4 weeks for an appointment.  I decided on a whim to drive out to his clinic to get some info and find out if he ever practised anywhere else in the uk that I might be able to see him. When I got there his receptionist was delightful and told me he had a cancellation that afternoon and if I could spare the time he would see me there and then!!   I called the family and said I would be out a bit longer than planned!
I found the whole experience fascinating and INCREDIBLY helpful.

Just to fill you in I had a pt 5 weeks ago, mcp found in the removed lobe and now having scans done on the remaining lobe which has another small nodule in it.  If this is found to be suspicious I will be having a tt.
I have lots of Hypo symptoms since op' but bloodwork showing in 'normal' range.
I was told I have thyroiditis.
My neck has been very painful and 'locked' since the surgery. (Due I think to the pain post op' and not moving it properly.  It was affecting how I sleep.

So, he took a lot of info from me about my med history, what has been going on up to now.  He asked about my general 'feelings' and emotions.  Sleep patterns, energy, moods etc etc. He talked to me about the Naturopathic approach and the treating of the whole person with various integrated therapies to suit that persons particular needs and the flexibility of the treatment programme as you continue.  
He then talked to me about the thyroid and its importance/function/links to the rest of the Endocrine and whole body/mind system.  (Too long to put down here but absolutely fascinating).  The biggest thing to come out of it for me was how strongly the thyroid is linked to the emotions and mental health.  Too much stress - which I have had bucket loads of over the last 5 years - and the Endocrine system starts to go into melt down.
He also talked about the links to heart function - I had severe palpitations for 2 years and only finally got off beta blockers last Christmas. He talked about the links with stress and cancers - again especially of the thyroid/endocrine system.  He talked about the body on a 'cellular' level and the changes that occur due to stress and exhaustion of the system.

I could go on and on - BUT most imprtantly - he seemed to be concerned about treating ME and not just my medical symptoms alone.  

To deal with the immedite stuff - he treated my sore neck with accupuncture and then some gentle manipulation. (He is qualified in both accupuncture and cranial osteopathy).

I could not believe how much looser my neck was afterwards and just to be able to move it freely for the first time in weeks gave me a huge boost.
He then talked about my continuing treatment with my surgeon and medical team which he was very reassuring about and we decided that I would continue to see him periodically as a back up to what they were doing and planning.  They would treat the specific physical problem - he will try help me with the other 'whole system' stuff!

I left after 2 hours feeling like a new born!  I have been on such a rollercoaster of emotions and physical aches and pains and I felt like I had finally found  a path through.
I feel so calm and positive - long may it last!

He recommended two supplements for me to take and so I have started on them.  

Lets see how it goes!

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by ChitChatNine, May 31, 2008
I am so HaPpY for you ... so happy!

I think when you find somebody like this who will work with traditional treatments, too, you are very lucky and have found the best of both worlds!

Keep us updated!!!


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by PlateletGal, May 31, 2008

I've had nothing but positive experiences with Naturopathic physicians. What I like about them is that they spend a lot more time with you, listen to you and then educate you about your body. The word "doctor" (AKA: docere) is latin and it means "to teach". And that is exactly what Naturopathic physicians have done (in my experience with them).



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