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Sep 19, 2009 - 2 comments

I miss you, my soul mate,
I truly do,
its a shame I cant be with you,
I beg and plead, I'm on my knees.
What dont you see?

Its been a year,
since i've held you near,
We have changed,
its all so strange,
Why isnt it clear?

My love is real,
why cant you deal?
I try and remember your face,
the way we looked at each other,
the kisses and snuggles,
that led to cuddles,
The memories are surreal.

I'll never give up,
on what I know is us,
No matter the fuss,
or things we discuss,
our story is a must.

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662972 tn?1270166301
by Holliee, Oct 04, 2009
This is really pretty and your a wonderful writer...

517872 tn?1562050708
by real_jimmy, Sep 01, 2014
sad... this is my story too

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