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Zumba is my new way of life

Sep 20, 2009 - 0 comments

In a previous life i gymmed 5 days a week - 2 hours per session, watched everything that i ate and drank and eventually it became my life.  I always said no to any after work engagements because i was going to the gym.  That was my life - sometimes a gym class before work, always a gym session after work, get home for 8pm, cook, eat , a little tv and bed, and then do it all again the next day.
Then one day i decided that there was more to life than that.  I had no real friends because i never had the time to spare.  I slowly quit the gym, took up more after work invitations, made new friends and started living my life.
Eventually this became my downfall - eating out 4 nights a week soon piles on the pounds.  One year after quitting the gym i was 13stone.  I had put on over 2.5 stones in a year!!!  My ideal weight is between 10st 2lbs and 10st 6lbs. I decided that i was not going on a beach holiday until i lost the excess weight, so didn't holiday for 2 years :-(  
This summer i went to Spain on a city break and although i really enjoyed it, i wanted to get back into my bikinis.  
So i decided that although i want to lose weight i don't want to go back to the gym to do it, and as I love Latin music I took up Salsa lessons at the end of July.  I go once maybe twice a week and its great fun, but doesn't give me the cardio boost that i need.
After 'youtubing', i came across Zumba Fitness (OneTallBeauty), and i was hooked.  It doesn't feel like exercise.  Its like a party.  Zumba instructors are few and far between in the UK but I've now managed to find 3 instructors in and around Central London, and it gives me as good a buzz as any other form of exercise i've tried before.

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