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pcos and married life

Jun 01, 2008 - 0 comments








When i couldnt get pregnant i was angry with myself i had married some one who i believed at the time wanted children with me i was so devistated i felt like i was being punished .On reflection i look at how i was angry at every pregnant woman all those happy breeders lol.Then i had my son i didnt get to have him by natures intended way i ended up with a c section after some other agro but my boy is and always will be special gift to me . I know so many of you out there want babies desparately but you can really kill a relationship married or not if you become obsessed, take time and think about all those babies abandoned by the growing majority of young girls, and how much love you could give a child who needs a mum.I fell pregnant by accident after i had given up all hope i actually went to church and begged god and saint nicholas to give me a baby.Some of you out there may find it strange that i stopped at one child its not something i chose easily it hurt but i couldnt face the possibility of having a misscarriage and my pregnancy was awful i definately didnt blume i got huge lol i knew that i had to been greatful for what i had achieved and my friends were more supportive than my x s family who had varied views thats for sure.when i told them i was getting sterilised.Its been great though ive had alot to do with the kids at school and in the village although they drive me crazy at times,still gotta love them.I hope this helps you out there struggling to understand your condition but believe me when i say acceptance is what makes it easy i promise .

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