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Sep 21, 2009 - 1 comments

September 16th - ultrasound

September 21st - results

spoke with Amy at planned parenthood

ovarian cyst
polyp in uterius
thickened endometrium lining

they consulted with Dr Gibson - will have to do endometriosis/biopsy

Planned parenhood is associated with HEO Assoc in Gyno and obstrictions at CVH / they will call for appt


Amy from planned parenthood.  Have made appt with Dr Sheila Glaes at CVH for Wednesday at 0800.  Sue will come with for consultation purposes.  Get there a few minutes early.    Office is in main entrance to CVH, on the right.  Sign there.  Register  at their office, not CVH office.   Will make sure to bring dates with me on when can gave it.  Will be out of work at least two days.

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by cspittsley, Sep 23, 2009
AAUUGGHH - the doctor called in sick.  receptionist was all set to make an appt for the next opening she had - next month on the 27th - NOT.  So they made an appt with Dr Woodruff for next month on the 7th.  I guess 2 more weeks of period isn't to bad.  But when I have to have the procedure, I'm having a woman doctor.  Just can't get into a "guy" donig it.  

Also called planned parenthood.  Fill them in.  and to see if stay on the ortho 28.  I was on another # till last visit and she put me on 28, with orders if still bleeding for the period pill week, to skip over that and just do no baby pills.  Will have to get another package if they want me to keep taking it.  

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