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So much of life we all pass by
With heedless ear, and careless eye.
Bent with our  cares we  plod along,
Blind to the beauty, deaf to the song.

But moments there are when we pause to rest
And turn our eyes from the goal's far crest.
We become aware of the wayside flowers,
And sense God's hand in the world of ours.

We hear a refrain, see a rainbow's end,
Or we look into the heart of a friend.
We feel at one with mankind. We share
His griefs and glories, joy and care.

The sun flecks gold through the sheltering trees,
And we shoulder our burdens with twice the ease.
Peace and content and a world that sings
The moment of true awareness brings.

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by Wassup, Jun 02, 2008
VERY VERY EXCUISITE!!!! I love the flavor of your word pictures.  You 'palette' is fine indeed!!!  Each brush stroke of word, pleasing to the senses. Thank you for sharing this.  I do agree!!!!! Hugs, Bevy

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by Wassup, Jun 02, 2008
Supposed to say 'your' palette, (not you palette)Say G'night Bevy, G'night

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by terriemae, Jun 03, 2008
It's terriemae again. Wanted to reply on you beautiful poem and picture. I just want so badly to learn how to do things like that with the computer. I'm new to the computer world, self taught. All I can do is get on the internet and whatever it took to do my job as a deputy county clerk,[ auto tags, taxes, auto titles etc.] Who knows maybe someday everyone will see a picture from me. In the meantime, you continue and I'll just enjoy yours and others. Thanks for the joy.

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by lonewolf07, Jun 03, 2008
You always have the most incredible poems combined with the most incredible pictures and they always seem to hit home, to strike some kind of chord - a harmonious and caring chord  = )

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by Tyzer33, Jun 03, 2008
Really nice poem, thanks for sharing it. Check out my pics u might like the angel 1.

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