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I just want to be normal what ever that is now

Sep 21, 2009 - 3 comments

I got through this past weekend my Hubby & I  had a calm quiet weekend. We stayed home. It took everything I had to clean the cats litter box that is a must!! I just was online or watching TV, and resting. I took a lot of catnaps. I have never felt so sick. Fibro. and it's syndromes are kicking my rear end big time. I just have no energy to fight it. I had the closest mental meltdown last Thursday 9-17. I felt like I was close to having a nerveous breakdown. I still feel that way, but not suicidal right now.

I barely have eaten, I feel nausea when I eat. I have been eating applesauce and crackers with peanut butter and watermelon. Mike went out and bought me some Power Aid (can't drink Gatoraid)that  I have been trying to get it into my system. If I get up and move around I get light headed and a migraine. Just no energy or will to fight with Fibro. &  it's syndromes. Does that make sense?

I still just don't want to think about anything right now. To much has happened which has affected the way I am thinking right now.  Oh, Mike and I will be fine. He has apologized and cried to the point of sobbing which hurts my heart deeply. But It has been a very heavy burden on him for some time. More lately plus his health issues the last couple of months. I told him I cannot do anymore fights like we had. I really am physically sick and scared of how bad I feel. Fibro. has reared it's ugly head and throwing everything at me. At times my eyes get so unfocused I can't see anything. That scares me a lot.   But Mike is doing what he can, we both are aware we said in sickness or health in our wedding vows and we took our vows very serious.

I just never thought I would end up like this. I still am angry with Fibro and what it has done to me/us.  I have had people that say just look on the bright side. BRIGHT SIDE OF WHAT!!! WHERE I AM NOW?  I don't see a bright side today, maybe in a couple of weeks. I don't want to hear that right now, please try to understand.

I feel safe with all of you, thank you and may God watch over each of you and help you with your battles.
I sorry I sound like baby complaining how bad I feel, when I know there are many of you are dealing much more than I am. I don't know where else to go. It is going to take a month before I get a new Social Worker I requested. My Psychiatrist on deals with medication for depression.  But if I being too much of a whiner you can tell me to move on for a while.  I know in my heart I need to fight this. Just need time to rest mentally and physically before I can. I hope my MH family understands. It is comforting.

I need to get a shower and a nap. Be in touch soon.

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by saveone, Sep 21, 2009
we do understand.  Rest well.  We will see you around when you are ready.  terry

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by PastorDan, Sep 22, 2009
Yes, Terry's right; we do understand.  Happy to hear that you have weathered the latest storm, and we're praying for some blue skies to come your way soon.  Meanwhile, wrap a blanket around the two of you & watch the clouds roll by.

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by kitonthemoon, Sep 22, 2009
DITTO everything Saveone and PastorDan said.

Sometimes it takes huge storm to roll by until we can see clear sky hidden underneath it.  I know you believe it totally in your heart....just need time to really digest the reality and make peace with it.

Hug you tight.

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