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Calorie Intake Scheduled By Me For Days 1-50 (Journal to self on how to keep going with this diet due to failure with other diets.)

Oct 13, 2014 - 0 comments

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Keep Going

        Day 1 is the day that you start, not the 1st of the month. When all 50 days are over, start back over at Day 1 calorie intake.
       There is fasting and that means that you do not eat that day. On fasting days do not exercise, and drink a lot of water so that you are not hungry. If you feel dizzy or sick due to prescription medications, eat only a small amount between 50-100 calories, but no more than that. Then lower the amount that you can eat the next day by the amount that you ate during the time you were supposed to be fasting. As each fasting time comes, try to not eat on those days unless you feel dizzy or sick due to prescription medications.
          Make sure to update information on here everyday. Especially the food (calorie) tracker, exercise tracker, and water exercise. Do NOT forget to do that daily. Even if you end up going over the amount set for that day. But still limit yourself on how many calories consumed that day so that you don't end up gaining back what you have already lost.

     Written by Kelsey Schneider
P.S. even though my husband (yes I am married and only 19, but I know it will last, neither of us believe in divorce.) is okay with my weight, I am not.

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