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2nd June 2008 -  Blood test results

Jun 02, 2008 - 2 comments

blood test results








test result


blood tests



I went to my GP to get blood test results today for the lump / swollen lymph nodes under my right arm (I am waiting a biopsy on a lump found on ultrasound in my left breast 13th June). The blood test showed no sign of infection and my FBC was totally within normal ranges.

My gp called the breast consultant's secretary and asked for her to read the Ultrasound report to her and it says suspected Fibroadenoma but can't rule out malignancy - priority core needle biopsey recommended. I have to say this has given me a bigger ray of hope that it is a begnin lump.

My GP told the secretary if I was not already seeing someone she would have rapid accessed me to the breast clinic for the other breast and what she can not judge between being either a big lipoma or lymph nodes that are very swollen. My Gp was very hopeful that it was nothing too sinsiter.

One thing I am very concerned about is my period is due the day after the biopsey so my breasts are already going to be heavy, swollena nd very tender without the procedure!

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by Irishgal2, Jun 03, 2008
The more you try to relax, the easier your procedure will be.  I was actually told on the day of my mammo and ultrasound that I had BC.  The Radiologist Consultant was very positive without being arrogant.  When I asked her could it come back benign and she said yes, but most unlikely.  I asked her how she could be so sure.  She described the lump to me as she saw it and it was classic BC.  I had a biopsy that day which involved numbing the area and a needle being inserted and 4 samples of tissue removed.  I think this is the one you are having.  It was not painful at all, but the sound of the needle clicking the tissue is horrible.  You think they are taking a chunk, but really it is just a sliver of tissue.  I was a little tender afterwards, but not that I would notice much.  I got my results 3 days later and came back with Ductual Cancer in Situ i.e. precancerous.  The Breast Surgeon was iffy about the results and DCIS normally does not present in a lump.  He was cautious and was going to remove 1.5cm of tissue around the lump to get clear margins, which he did.  My pathology report after the lump was removed had DCIS mixed with IDC (Invasive Ductual Cancer).

So you still have hope.  Most doctors really know straight off if a lump is cancerous or not, they are looking at such cases every day. So stay positive, you may be one of the lucky ones.

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by Whatawoman, Jun 03, 2008
Thank you -  this really has given me more hope :)

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