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My poor kitty cats............and me!

Jun 02, 2008 - 7 comments








I can't believe it, it must be something in the drinking water. My poor cat had to go to the vet today coz he had a large abscess on his jaw. The vet told me he had a thyroid nodule (the cat not the vet...hee hee) I was most surprised. My other cat has Hyper I am starting to think...there could be a movie in this, an Ellen Brockovitch type!  Healesville water tainted with thyroid problems!
  How weird is that? Me and two cats with thyroid problems. (yes the cats are getting on in years, but I am not!) Just shows you that humans and animals have alot in common!  My other cat seems to be fine right now........OR is he?????  

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by anree, Jun 02, 2008
Dun, Dun Daaaaaaaa. Could be! I knew cats could have thyroid issues. But it's crazy that you have a 'lot' of them~! I have a cat that has been fat and lazy from day one. I've always wondered if she has a thyroid problem! LOL

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by mrwjd, Jun 30, 2008
Or something NOT in the drinking water--iodine.  

When my mother was 17 (in 1927), she had a goiter removed and was memorialized in a textbook, probably because she survived.  Afterward she should have been hypothyroid, but she was having none of it, and took massive doses of thyroxin into her 80s.  (In those days, there was no “prescription drug dependence,” only more and less cooperative doctors.)

In school in the American Midwest, we were fed thick chocolate iodide lozenges, which were then carefully locked away by the teacher until the next day, lest a gang of second graders pirate them for the chocolate and pay with the thyroid glands.  It was suggested that as we were “inland,” we make a point of eating seafood regularly, but when the parents realized it didn’t come from a cow, pig, or chicken, the notion died out.  Eventually Morton iodized salt, and the school experience degraded to plain vanilla.

Now, this may have nothing whatever to do with their illnesses.  But a tad of shrimp or a bit of lobster from time to time couldn’t hurt!

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by lonewolf07, Jul 01, 2008
We have a 23 yr old cat who has only been to the vet's once - to get neutered.  He enjoys his "Old Man Food" but he also gets sardines occasionally or a bit of shrimp.  Vet says just to let him do or eat whatever he wants.  At his age, he's earned it.

I hope your cat is alright.

Liked your profile picture of the cat  = )

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by redheadaussie, Jul 01, 2008
My 3 cats are really odd. One will only eat dry food, the other will eat dry or raw, the other eats whatever is offered and goes feral when he gets a chicken wing!
  The one that is hyperthyroid is the one who will only eat dry! So I have read your comments mrwjd and lonewolf07 and I think I might dry getting some kind of dehydrated prawns or crab or something! Think I will ask the vet if he knows of any product like that. Worth a try, Milo is costing me a fortune in dry food, he eats 4 full cups a day and is still as skinny as a rake. The vet diagnosed the hyperthyroidism through a blood test. I thought at first he just had worms!

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by mrwjd, Jul 01, 2008
Poor Milo!  Poor Milo's mommy!  Giving him your all, and then folks come around and mention that he might like a seafood dinner at the country club.  Actually, I was sort of kidding about shrimp and lobster, it might be right, or it might be just backward and make it worse!  

I do know that hyperthyroidism is very common in cats as they get older, which I discovered when my son's older cat suffered from it for her last five years, ages 15-20.  By the time she was diagnosed, she was skin and bones, and eating everything except the kitchen table, but she improved after that.  She was on and off meds, I know, for years.  She had always been a little strange (which I can say, because she was at my house for the first part of those 20 years until he grew up and got his own place), but she got stranger.  For the last few years, he fed her small amounts, eight times a day--she would eat only on the bottom level of the 12x12" pantry cupboard with the door open a crack, and finally insisted on its being closed all the way.  (During a visit, he and I went out one day and left her there for three hours--no real harm done, and she didn't seem upset, which is kind of a clue as to just how weird she was.  I don't think his wife was too impressed with us, though.)

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by Jules77733, Jul 01, 2008
Is there a high perchlorate concentration in your water? Within the last few years, a lot of the USA has been having issues with people developing thyroid problems (mainly women) from high levels of perchlorate in not only drinking water, but in the water used for growing a lot of vegetables here--particularly, lettuce.

I have a few cats, myself, but fortunately, none of them have thyroid problems. If they did, it might be interesting, because I'd be able to relate to them haha...I hope your cats are doing alright!


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by 898, Jul 01, 2008
The flame retardants used in the carpet and upholstery are doing the same thing, however it causes iodine -deficiency like hypothyroidism  with only minimal thyroid enlargement (older classfication grade 1 hyperplasia), 25 to 30 cu cm volume vs 18 cu cm max.

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