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Reoccurring Skin infections

Jun 02, 2008 - 0 comments

Skin infections


swollen eyes


red swollen bumps

I have a friend who has recently moved into a new apartment with his girlfriend. For the last three months he has had reoccurring, sore red and inflamed bumps in different spots on his body. The first time it was a bump on his hand, which then became swollen. Next, it showed up in his eyes, leaving his eyes closed with crust. Now he has three small bumps that are painful on his buttocks, he can not sit down. He has been to Urgent Care 3 different times. The doctor first say it was a spider bite, next it was a bacterial infection and was given antibiotics. This infection keeps coming back and has caused him to miss a lot of work. Doctors say that it is something that is going around but cannot tell him what to do. Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks

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