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My Body's Going Crazy?!

Oct 16, 2014 - 0 comments






For the past few months ive lost interest in EVERYTHING. I was very worried and talked to people about how i was feelin because i stopped doing things i normally do and didnt want to. They told me to get my blood checked because something just didnt seem right. So at the end of sep. i got my blood drawn. The beginning of this month (oct) we got a call... Basically my thyroid is real low (that part scares me because my nana got thyroid cancer and so what, now im gonna have problems with it?) and Everything is outta whack and unbalanced. My doctor got scared so hes having me go to an Endocrinologist specialist. I mean, if i have hypothyroidism it explains everything. But were thinking all this is happening because when i was recovering from the ED i didnt gradually gain weight, I blew up extremely fast. So maybe my body is still in shock from all that?? Or it could be because the psychiatrist keeps changing my dosages and switched some meds and never even checked my blood to make sure its okay. Ughh!! Right now though, I dont really care. I feel the same way as i described in the beginning of this journal except this time i dont care. But i do wanna get better and be my old self cuz all i do is lay around like i havent slept in forever.

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