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Vaccine effects on Arthritis

Sep 23, 2009 - 1 comments







side effects

I stepped on a metal wire 2 days ago, and it got stuck in my foot. I went to an immediate care center and had it removed. They gave me a tetanus shot. I didnt think to tell them I have Arthritis due to Parvovirus/ Fifth Disease. I did not even know the side effects of a tetanus shot ( nor did anyone tell me)

The shot itself was not painful, but later in the day I felt SO FATIGUED. I was supposed to go to work at noon that day, and completly passed out on my couch and did not awake until 500 that evening. When I awoke I was in so much pain ( 9/10) It was mostly the arm that I had received the shot in, and assumed it was normal.  Then the pain spread into by shoulder,  back, all the way down my to my wrist and hands, and ankle on my left side. ( the side I had the shot ) my pain on my right side is also elevated ( 8/10) . This shot really kicked my a$$. Thank god I do not need one for another 10 years.

I had no idea a tetanus shot would make my arthritis symtoms flare like crazy. This is the worst it has ever been :(. I hope this doesnt last long. I feel slightly better than yesterday, but not much. I am hoping tomorrow will be better..

I am now scared to go get the Flu Shot. I wonder if it would have the same effects? I remember the flu shot makes your arm hurt...

I would almost rather have the flu then be in this much pain. Ugh

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by nbates50, Oct 09, 2010
I have rheumatoid arthritis and tetanus shots make my arthritis flare up as well, sometimes almost to the point of being crippled. Very painful. The problems gradually fade away over a few weeks. I do not take any other type of vaccines, but I have a suspicion that its nothing to do with the tetanus toxoid, but maybe the preservatives (mercury, thimerosal, etc.) and that likely any vaccine would have this effect on me. I have zero proof of this as like I said, I do not ever take any other vaccines. But its a possibility.

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