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Sep 25, 2009 - 5 comments

Okay. I have just joined these forums.. But on Pregnancy 18-34, it is kind of getting on my nerves. I - like everyone else came here to get my questions answered, or at least to see if people were having similiar experiences. I've replied to a few other posts, trying to be helpful and put in my two cents, but I've posted two topics now in that forum and have got no response what so ever. It's just kind of frustrating because it seems like everyone is responding to everyone else's and it's like GRRR GIVE ME ANSWERS! Lol. I just need some help and would like some advice as well.

I know, I know - people have lives and problems of their own and I don't mean to be an impatient b*tch, it's just my hormones are through the roof, lol. UGH.

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by remar, Sep 26, 2009
Sometimes here at Medhelp there are so many people asking questions that your question will go to the next page very fast. So try bumping your question back up to the top.
The people here are great and try to answer questions so look to see if yours are going to the next page. I'm not pregnant but I have a couple of friends here that are and I've noticed the pregnancy forum can get kind of busy. I've also noticed that Medhelp is running kind of slow right now for some reason.Maybe updates?
How far along are you? What questions did you have? I'll try to help if I can since I have been pregnant before, many years ago! Ha ha.And I totally understand about the hormones. Take care. Corena

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by remar, Sep 26, 2009
Sorry about that. I just looked at your page again and saw that you might be pregnant? Corena

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by Victoria01, Sep 26, 2009
I  looked at your post, and I have absolutely no information on implantation bleeding, as I have never experienced it. Even with my own recent journal entry :) I think if people don't know about the topic, they are hesitant to post. When I seen your post the first time, that is why I didn't answer you. Have you found out anything since your post?

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by tinydreams22, Sep 26, 2009
remar - Yes! I might be, but I'm still not sure. :/

Victoria01 - Yeah, it's just a little frustrating. I haven't got any new information, just waiting still to find out if I am or not. I haven't got AF yet, I'll give it a few days and see what happens. :P

I'm so antsy!

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by remar, Sep 28, 2009
That's what I would do, wait a couple more days and if you don't get your period take a test. You could go ahead and take one now if you think you may be pregnant.
I had implantation bleeding when I got pregnant with my daughter. I had a weird cycle and got pregnant with her 5 days before my period. I know because that's the only time my husband and I did anything because I had been on vacation.
I thought I was starting my period a couple days early but it only lasted about on hour and it was very light. Some women have it and some don't.
Let us know what happens and take care. Corena

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